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September is the beginning of the autumn season and the end of summer. This is the perfect season for trekkers to trek Everest Base Camp. At the base camp of Mount Everest, in the Khumbu glacier, 5,300 meters (17,400 ft) above sea level, only 450 mm (17.5 in) of rain or snow fall per year. The climbing season of Mount Everest starts from March to May as the hurricane-force winds and wind chill less in comparison. From December to January, the temperatures of Everest Base Camp average -17 degrees Celsius (1.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and the summit averages around -37 degrees Celsius (-35 degrees Fahrenheit). Some seasons can be best to trek in while others can prove to be challenging. While the temperature during nights can drop up to -1 degree in June. But, it may be the best time for you if you want to avoid the crowd. At this time period trekking areas are mostly dry. A The Maoists were levying a ‘tax’ from trekkers in Oct/Nov 2006. But, during nights and at altitudes above 4000 meters, temperatures can get as low as -15 °C. Everest Base Camp, Kalapathar (5555 meters) is the highest point on the trek. But more often you will also experience storm and snowfall at high altitude of Everest Base Camp. November is the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Get interesting travel articles & updates about Nepal, Nepalese Food: 25 Delicious Dishes You Must Try, Everest Base Camp Trek – A Complete Guide. May is the end of the spring season. There’s a high possibility of the landslide in the lower region and avalanche in the higher altitudes. Winter at Everest Base Camp sees freezing weather conditions with temperatures dropping to -25 degrees Celsius during the cold nights. Blooming rhododendron (national flower of Nepal) will certainly give you a pleasant feeling. Spring season contains three months: March, April, and May. You can trek in all seasons to the Everest Base Camp. These win… You will also have chances of securing off-season discounts in the summertime. However, the temperature lowers up to -5°C to -15°C in the morning and night. However, you need to identify which one would be the best season for you depending upon your personality when you can manage time, and what you are expecting in your trek. And you should pack according to the needs of the seasons. Everest Base Camp Weather and Climate. The average temperature generally lies at 12 degrees Celcius during the day and … The temperature at day time ranges to maximum 6-degree Celsius and at night it tends to decrease to the minimum -15-degree Celsius. Home » Everest Guide » Everest Base Camp Trek Weather and Temperature. The temperature at day time ranges to maximum 6-degree Celsius and at night it tends to decrease to the minimum -15-degree Celsius. That will give you an idea about which weather or season you will be comfortable to trek in. The temperature is at the plus point as well as minus and beyond zero. Almost all the places will be covered with thick layered snow. Due to different weather and temperature in different seasons, the trekking gear and equipment will also differ. June is a rainy time. If you like trekking in a peaceful environment or you are someone who tries to escape from the crowd, then this season is suitable for you to trek. Weather is neither too hot nor too cold. While ascending up the mountainous part of Nepal, you will gain significant altitude. Get news, special offers and fascinating articles with our newsletter. The average temperature on Mount Everest during winter is anywhere from -37 Degree Fahrenheit to -34 Degree Fahrenheit. In Namche Bazaar (11,290 feet/3440 meters) the average February temperature is 43°F (6°C), which isn't too cold, but certainly not warm. Plan with the local guide to make your trip successful. Your journey will remain fresh in memory file as photography becomes awesome in Everest Base Camp during the spring. The temperature at the Everest Base Camp remains about 17 degrees maximum and 5 degrees minimum in June. The freshness of plants and flowers along the way adds a definite richness to your trek in the spring season. The temperature at Everest Base Camp during the night time can be somewhere between -20 to -3 degrees Celsius. The temperature in March ranges from maximum 7-degree Celsius in the day time to minimum -15 degree Celsius in the night. So here is a list of seasons with its time period, temperatures, rainfall as well as wind speed. Although the snow caps are never hot, even during summer, you can expect the temperature to reach up to 25 degree Celsius during the day. Stunning Nepal Summer falls between June to August in Nepal and sometimes ends in mid-September. Everest region is calm during the spring in terms of climate and is the best season for Everest Base Camp trek. You will definitely fall in love with the natural lush in the Sagarmatha National Park. While nights can be freezing cold with a chilling temperature of … You must also take advise with your guide about trekking and watch out for tricky portions along the way. This season falls after autumn and before spring. Most of the tea shops along the trail remain closed during the time of rainfall. Winter is the coldest season of the year. © Copyright 2005 - 2020, Exciting Nepal. Since this season is before summer, the temperature is lower than the summers. Learn about Everest Base Camp Weather and know about the best season to trek Everest Region. December, January & February is the winter season in Nepal but it also lasts to mid-March. It may not be suitable for those who prefer a peaceful environment or overcrowd. Wechat: TibetTravelExpert +8618080158435 +8613628999610 . Spring is the season where flowers blossom. Also, the lower elevations are mild and more humid. However, it is going to be difficult for those peace-loving trekkers. Despite the chilling weather, you can still trek as the climate remains stable and dry during winter. The average temperature during these months is 17 °C during the daytime with a maximum temperature of 25 °C. Address: Dhanawantari Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal At the base camp, the temperature in Autumn averages around 7 degrees. In afternoon quite moderate in the spring season. At night, the temperature can drop below zero degrees. No wonder, at 5,364m above sea level, the temperature in Everest Base Camp is cold throughout the year. During the day the temperature reaches up to 25 degrees Celsius, maximum and at the night time it may lower down to – 20-degree centigrade or lower on the same day. Everest. Is spring a good time to visit Everest Base Camp? The temperature is above the 4000 m approximately 10°C to 15 °C in good weather. Heavy discounts may be given on tickets during these months due to lack of trekkers. ... Everest Base Camp has a Wi-Fi service. What is the temperature and weather forecast for the Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking? The perfect weather conditions of October continues to November as well. Most of the trekkers don’t prefer to trek in this season. In Gorakhashep morning and evening approximately 0°C to -10 °C in good weather. Everest Base Camp: Practical tips. So, be ready to engage with different trek enthusiasts as well as the humble locals on your way to Everest Base Camp. During this time of the year, the temperature is warm at Everest Base Camp area. WhatsApp: +977-9808211139, © 2020 Stunning Nepal. Q And what about the Maoists? The maximum temperature diagram for Everest Base Camp displays how many days per month reach certain temperatures. Because there is a low amount of rainfall during this month, October is the best month to trek among these three months in the autumn season. Mostly dry. By the end of this month the temperatures will start to decrease and cold to install better. Visibility of mountains and other Himalayan ranges is also great during this period. The days are short and the nights are long during this phase. This season is a less favorable time to trek the Mount Everest Base Camp in comparison to spring. For solitude lovers, summer is a good time to visit Everest Base Camp. As Mt. The temperature at night minimizes from -20 degree to -30 degree Celsius. Due to heavy downpour environment. So it’s vital to know about the seasons in the Everest Base Camp. This is no different for the Everest Base Camp Trek. Winter can be called off-season to trek Everest Base Camp. Though the climate is almost clear, you need to be prepared with proper gear as the weather in the mountain region can’t be predicted. Chances of rainfall are quite low in this season. However, there might be rainfall in the late part of the season. Everest Base Camp Weather in November. I know the minimum temperature is on average-1 Celsius (30.2 Fahrenheit) in the Khumbu region at this time but am wondering what temperature to prepare for in terms of buying kit.. This gives you an amazing scenery of mountains from the Base Camp. Without a doubt, winter can be the challenging season for EBC trekkers because the trail that goes through the high passes such as Gokyo trail and Mera peak trail will be closed.

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