kawai ca79 vs yamaha

Sam CA. Maybe get a used hybrid like an AvantGrand or Novus. It was the first digital piano that had a real wood soundboard, built-in CD recorders, and incredible action design that resembled the motion of traditional acoustic pianos. Please visit 'Kawai website for a full list of features on CA 79 there are too many to list. Heute war ich dann nochmal im Musikhaus und habe sowohl das CA48 als auch das CA58 angespielt. If the CLP735/745 have actual wooden keys like the Kawai, considering that they also have the amazing tones of the CFX and Bosendorfer, I would go for it. A lot of hardware have been changed, from motherboard to amplifiers. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Likes: 11. Featuring specially developed components with enhanced grand piano-like touch and tone, the CA79 delivers outstanding digital piano technology for the home or professional player. Kawai’s award-winning legacy took another step forward with the introduction of the CA78 digital piano. Both instruments feature new motherboard and amplification hardware designed for richer, higher quality sound, and 4-speaker delivery systems that reproduce the sound field of a grand piano. … Press J to jump to the feed. I'm in the same boat as well. Brand: Kawai View Product. I can only order online Kawai ca79 or order if in a shop but they are not willing to let me play it before I order. Their flagship CA99 & CA79 both have been equipped with Onkyo’s technology to produce a more rich and realistic sound experience through the speakers. In this video we compare the sound and basic design features of three mid-range digital pianos. Joined: Dec 2018. Begeisterte bereits das CA-78 aus dem Hause Kawai Pianisten weltweit durch seine hervorragenden Spieleigenschaften und seinen voluminösen Klang, hat sich der renommierte Klavierbauer aus Japan nun mit dem Nachfolger, dem CA-79, wieder einmal selbst übertroffen. Posts: 488. Usually ships within 3 to 5 weeks. Combining our industry-leading “Grand Feel II” wooden-key keyboard action with the incredible Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine, the CA78 delivers an amazingly authentic concert grand piano experience. The new 735/745 models now have a 'GrandTouch S' action, but there's no concrete information on it. Kawai CA99 - At a store discount price of $5599 for the matte rosewood cabinet, $5699 for the matte black cabinet, and $6399 for the polished ebony cabinet, this new 2020 top-of-the-line model for the Kawai piano company has just come out on the market and competes head on with Yamaha, Roland, and Casio top-of-the-line digital pianos in similar price range. Would it be worth waiting and getting one of those versus the CLP 745? The speakers are not my concern since I will be using headphones mainly because I don't want to disturb my neighbours. The choice between Kawai CA67 and Kawai CA97 is a though one, I must say. Lol. Kawai CA79 Digital Piano. Or a Yamaha NU1X. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I like the Yamaha sound and action (from 1978 to 1991 I owned a Yamaha CF which I sold when I moved to Europe for 8 years and currently have a Clavinova). Compared with the Kawai CA79/CA99 weighting of 55g at A0 down to 45g at C8. Likes: 11. The CA99 provides an incredible concert piano experience for the discerning piano player. Sound: The new Yamaha models have both CFX and Bosendorfer binaural samples, so if you're primarily going to be using headphones, they're going to sound much better than the Kawai. The other Kawai digital pianos including the popular ES110, KDP110, CN29, CN39, and NV10 that were out back in 2019 remain the same for all this year. Thanks...that's what everybody says, it's the action from the Kawai CA... Definitely the Kawai. Enjoy the real feel of a piano anywhere. Each piano offers a highly authentic playing experience to rival that of its acoustic grand piano equivalent, and also looks the part, with both models available in rosewood, satin black or satin white finishes. Many people were attracted to the softer Kawai piano on the Yamaha piano in Vietnam. Kawai CA78. Kawai MP6 Professional Stage Piano. As with the leading CA99 and CA79 models launched earlier in the year, the CA49 and CA59 incorporate technologies developed in collaboration with premium Japanese audio equipment manufacturer, Onkyo. Cordialement. I'd like to know if anyone has tried all of them and could give me an informed opinion on their differences? Now they are bringing the same technology to the new CA49 & CA59. Réponse Of course, you should play all of them with and without your headphones and see which you prefer, but if the CA79 is within your budget, you should go for that, most owners seem happy with their choice. I am in a similar situation. OUT OF STOCK. With excellent 19 voices, wooden GF action keyboard, strong 20w x 2 speakers (and 2 additionals), detailed features, elegant design, and reliable warranty, every user from entry-level to professionals satisfy playing Kawai CA series piano. The Kawai CA79 introduces the improved Grand Feel III keyboard action, as well as enhanced SK-EX piano sound engine. Kawai. And thanks to the speaker diffuser panels, the CA79 produces a naturally immersive experience. The action on the piano is also first class. CA39/59 might be more comparable with the 735/745 and the CLP 775/785 with the CA79. Kawai’s Concert Artists (CA) pianos are a series of Kawai’s premier digital pianos. KAWAI CA78. Kawai Japan is delighted to announce the CA49, the latest high-performance addition to the popular Concert Artist series of premium digital pianos, and successor to the highly regarded CA48. This Kawai CA79 digital piano has a lot going for it. The Yamaha CLP675, Roland LX706 and Kawai CA78 models. The CA79 retains the high fidelity Onkyo audio processing, and powerful amplification of its predecessor, while also featuring improved speaker units and new speaker diffuser panels.

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