kawai cn39 digital piano review

The KDP70 has 16 watts of audio power for its speaker system as compared to the ES110 having 14 watts. Use the tabs below to see what music people who love this gear like, explore its tech specs and read reviews by other members. Those vibrations are then audibly heard from the soundboard along with the stereo piano piano coming from the regular stereo speakers inside the piano. Please call and/or email us! The NV10 has a 7 speaker, 3 channel Onkyo sound system projecting the sound in different directions giving you the surround sound feel of a real grand piano. The ES920 has not officially been released to the public in the US yet but when it does sometime in November, we anticipate a product shortage due to very high demand, especially this time of year. The Kawai CN39 is currently the most complete digital piano in Kawai’s CN line, surpassing the CN29 in performance.  These days the Kawai piano company is famous around the world to top musicians, universities, piano teachers, and other music professionals for producing high quality acoustic and digital pianos. It is a daunting task to choose the most suitable one from such a vast variety. Make sure to check out the reviews but first of all press the red … In other words it plays more like a real piano than any other brand or model under $2000. Kawai CN39 Review and Uk Buyer's Guide The Kawai CN39 is a new mid-range digital piano which utilises Kawai's Responsive Hammer Action III key action. Musicngear is part of the KINKL Network, Chris likes Indie Rock, Synthpop and New Wave, A R.E.M. We have collected data (music preferences, personality traits and demographics) by people who took the Goodforme Test for "CN-39 R" and relevant gear by Kawai, in "Digital Pianos" or related categories and together with the tech specs of products in our database we feed it into our state-of-the-art recommendation engine. from Netherlands took the "Goodforme" test for a relevant item by Kawai in the Digital Pianos category 2 years 1 month ago and scored 30%, A male fan of Maria Callas and Opera , aged 55 y.o. This model’s control interface is prominent: You have a choice of a vibrant color … Kawai MP7SE digital piano – REVIEW | $1799 internet price | The Kawai MP7SE is a stage piano with synthesizer capabilities and is a popular model for the Kawai company. 2. fan took the test for Harley Benton HBO600 BK, Luna Pines: How get an Ambient Dream Pop Sound (Gear, Production Techniques and Live Setup), A Brad Paisley fan took the test for Harley Benton HBO600 BK, A Willie Nelson fan took the test for Harley Benton HBO600 BK, A Martian in the Wasteland - 20 songs to get you through this alien time, A The Beatles fan took the test for Ibanez PF17-LG, Getting into Electro: Gear, Techniques and Practical Advice from Established & Upcoming Artists, A David Bowie fan took the test for Ibanez PF17-LG, took the "Goodforme" test for Kawai CN-39 R, Learning Guitar & Piano: Online music schools VS Youtube tutorials, 6 Of The Best Digital Pianos for Classical Music Under $1000, How to Sound Like Radiohead's Guitarist Ed O'Brien. Kawai began to build acoustic pianos way back in 1927 so they are almost 100 years old as a company. or younger from Sweden took the "Goodforme" test for a relevant item by Kawai in the Digital Pianos category 4 years 7 months ago and scored 99%, A female fan of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Pop, Alternative rock , aged 45-54 y.o. KAWAI CN39 DIGITAL PIANO. The CA79 has a big array of interactive usable piano features, educational piano practice technology, Bluetooth audio and MIDI wireless connectivity, and all kinds of recording functions to do most anything you would like to do. Complementing the instruments’ excellent Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and impressive Progressive Harmonic Imaging piano sound, the CN39 also offers a strong selection of digital piano features that further enhance one’s musical enjoyment. It has recording and playback capabilities which are nice and it’s great for live performance, recording studio use, pro stage work, or just to play at home. The cabinet measurements are 57″ x 18″ x 37″ high which is almost identical to the CA79 cabinet measurements and the entire piano only weighs 187 lbs so it’s really not that heavy. Mr Kawai actually first worked as an apprentice to Mr Yamaha prior to the start of the Kawai piano company and in fact both Mr Kawai and Mr Yamaha were neighbors in the same city in Japan where the both companies currently have their international headquarters…interesting facts! The CN39 digital piano captures the magnificent tone of Kawai’s flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX full concert grand piano. There are some other instrument sounds which are quite realistic on the model and the cabinet looks attractive and comes in satin rosewood, black, or white with a matching padded bench. Kawai CA99: X: 5,599: Solid action performance, Soundboard Speaker System, and nice variety of piano samples. SOLD Shigeru Kawai SK-EX piano tone combined with fully grade weighted keyboard action. What sets this piano apart from all the competition at this price is Kawai’s proprietary and exclusive longest key all-wood key-action called “Grand Feel 3.” The actual length of the white keys on this model is just under 14″ long which is what makes actual acoustic grand pianos so special…the keys and the key length…they are long. The end result is that you get a top of the line upright piano with an actual advanced upright key action with full length wood keys combined with Kawai’s digital grand piano sound chip along with a real acoustic piano pedal system for all three pedals. Since this model has only been available for a relatively short time, we see this model continuing well beyond 2021 and for some years after that. Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano. This is not what I would call a sleek piano, but neither is it overwhelmingly bulky. This is Kawai’s premier digital piano with the extra long key “Grand Feel 3” 100% wood key action which is the same key action as in the lower priced CA78. The new style display also improves clarity and visibility for the CN39. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wireless Bluetooth® MIDI and AUDIO connectivity, USB audio record/playback, Dual, Split, and Four Hands keyboard modes, and a rich assortment of instrumental voices add greater variety to players’ performances, while the convenient m… The control panel of the MP11SE is set up intuitively so that you have 3 main instrument sections where sounds can be accessed and you can use one sound from each section individually or put together (mix) 2 of 3 sounds at one time (1 from each section) and you can also set up 3 separate zones or splits for those sounds as well. Kawai’s model CP2, from its Concert Performer series, is a feature-packed digital piano with a focus on fun and ease of use. Kawai CN39 digital piano | REVIEW | $2699 internet price | The Kawai CN39 is a newer model and will definitely go through the year 2020 and beyond. Key features of the new digital pianos: Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5 (CN39 only) and Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds; Kawai… You mostly need to look in the owners manual to figure out how to use the functions in this model and select sounds although there are a couple of apps for tablet and iPhone that can help, but overall I would like to see an improved user experience in this model, especially considering it sells for $1199. Kawai Digital Pianos | REVIEW | Under $1000 up to $10,000 | 17 Models | for 2020 | The Kawai Piano company has 17 distinct models of digital pianos for 2020 which are listed here in order from lowest to highest price. The piano tone is sampled from a real Kawai grand piano and each note is individually sampled as opposed note stretching like some other digital piano companies do. For a number of people the NV10 will be a perfect combination of traditional piano playing with the latest piano sound digital technology along with all the convenience features such as no tuning, private practice playing with headphones, Bluetooth wireless connectivity to use with music streaming, connection to computer or tablets for music education, and music playing enjoyment. Kawai ES920 digital piano | REVIEW | $1599 internet price (furniture stand and triple pedal lyre optional) | The Kawai ES920 portable digital piano is a brand new model for Kawai under $2000 and will no doubt be a “best seller” for them as was the previous model ES8. The NV10 is the “grand piano key action” version of the NV5 upright piano. The KDP70 is basically a cabinet version of the portable ES110 with a few important differences such as the ES110 having more acoustic piano sounds and those sounds have upgraded piano sound technology over this KDP70. Besides Kawai’s more entry level plastic key actions which are still very good, the higher priced Kawai digital pianos use proprietary custom built key actions, piano sound chips, and digital technology that no other digital piano company has at this point. from Netherlands took the "Goodforme" test for a relevant item by Kawai in the Digital Pianos category 4 years 9 months ago and scored 50%, A male fan of Aerosmith, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, David Bowie and Classic rock, Alternative rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues , aged 25-34 y.o. I assume the CN39 … Copyright © Digital Piano Review Expert – 2019 to 2020 – All Rights Reserved. CN39. If you need a more furniture look for this model you can order optional furniture style legs and triple pedalbar assembly. The key action and piano sound chip is actually identical to what is in the ES920, however everything else is different and suited for someone who likes to experiment using many sounds together in a variety of ways and also editing and “tweaking” each of the 256 instrument sounds inside this model. Built upon that heritage is the CN39, with its impeccable piano samples, hundreds of authentic … Essentially the CA59 is a CA49 on steroids because other than the key action and pedaling being the same, everything else in this new CA59 model is upgraded in a big way and it is really for someone who not only wants the great key action of the CA49 but also wants the best piano playing experience they can get in the $3000 price range in terms of a natural, expressive acoustic quality stereo piano sound. The grand piano tone is impressive, as Kawai have sampled their flagship Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano. However, Kawai changed the internal speaker system and upgraded the quality of that system in conjunction with using Onkyo audio technology so now the piano sound comes out of its 40 watt speaker system more naturally. We have played this model many times and although there are many other very good brands out there, nothing comes close to this model for pure piano performance including the impressive stereo acoustic piano sound and very responsive triple pedal unit with optical sensors which is included with this model. Now that we’ve covered some of the core features of console digital pianos in this price range, let’s move on to our top picks, which we think are the most realistic console digital pianos under $3,000.. As usual, we’ve selected 4-5 digital … The CN39 cabinet is also larger and takes up a slightly larger footprint. It has a smooth piano weighted key touch that is neither too heavy or too light and the piano sound realism is pretty amazing with organic stereo grand piano tones and sound nuances that are hard to believe coming from this compact instrument. The Kawai CN Series Digital Pianos share an award-winning legacy for excellence. However, it is a great piece to have around your house—elegant and simple. KAWAI CN39 DIGITAL PIANO. Kawai CA59 digital piano | REVIEW | $3099 internet price | satin rosewood, satin black, and satin white | The Kawai CA59 is a unique digital piano in the “concert series” line of digital pianos because it has some great piano sound using a high level proprietary sound chip through a powerful 100 watt internal 4 channel speaker system and it incorporates that special “Grand Feel Compact” extra long wooden key key-action that is also found in the lower priced CA49. The ES110 has 192-note maximum piano polyphony and you can layer 2 instrument sounds together with no problem. from Sweden took the "Goodforme" test for a relevant item by Kawai in the Digital Pianos category 5 years 11 months ago and scored 30%, A male fan of Radiohead, John Lee Hooker, Air, Eminem, Bob Marley and Alternative rock, Blues, Electronic, Hip hop / rap, Reggae , aged 18-24 y.o. from United States took the "Goodforme" test for a relevant item by Kawai in the Digital Pianos category 5 years 5 months ago and scored 62%, A male fan of Queen, Pink Floyd and Pop, Classic rock , aged 45-54 y.o. ES110 Portable Digital Piano. With the same nice playing piano key action and piano sound chip and an improved internal speaker system, the new CN29 has been upgraded in a good way and it’s only $60 more than the previous model so it’s definitely worth the increase in price. The key action and piano sound chip remain the same as do most of the features and functions. This class-leading digital piano has been developed in partnership with premium audio equipment manufacturer, … Thank you", 10 Most Popular Digital Pianos | REVIEW | $500-$10,000 | 2020, 2 Best Digital Pianos Under $1000 | REVIEW | Casio PX-870 | 2020, 5 Best Digital Grand Pianos | REVIEW | $5000 to $17000 | 2020. Users can record both MP3 and WA… The significance of capturing this particular acoustic instrument so meticulously with Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology is apparent when one hears the amazingly authentic piano … This piano has the proprietary extra long wood key “Grand Feel Action” that puts it way above any other portable digital piano on the market today. Kawai CA49 – $2299 price in satin black, satin rosewood, or satin white | The Kawai CA49 “concert series” home digital piano has a proprietary “longer key” wood key action which no other brand or model has in this $2000 price range. Kawai also improved the user interface with new button features and an OLED display screen which now reads out the actual name of the function that you select rather than having the more basic 3-segment LED screen of the previous model. Even though this model has been out for a little while we see it going on through the year 2020 because of its continued popularity and the fact that no other portable digital piano (regular or stage) comes close. Beyond that, the CA49 also has a very enjoyable stereo grand piano sound going through a 40 watt 4-speaker Onkyo internal sound system. Kawai ES110 - At $699 internet discount price, the Kawai ES110 is a portable digital piano which plays like a full furniture cabinet digital piano with regard to a more realistic piano playing experience. The NV5 is brand new and not yet released in the USA as of now but will be introduced soon and likely be around for many years. If you are also fond of playing the piano and want to buy a digital one, Kawai has a lot to present. Kawai also offers the coolest internal user interface control panel that we have seen in a piano like this with an android based large color touch screen having touch and swipeable feature selection to quickly get to functions and features you want to use. LOWER DISCOUNT PRICES THAN AMAZON OR INTERNET - PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU BUY ANYWHERE! Store discount pricing on this … It has been a good model for Kawai and we anticipate there will be no changes to it in the year 2020/2021. The CA49 is focused mostly on the “piano playing experience” and does not have a lot of frills or bells & whistles, as some people call it. The reason this model will be very popularl is because it offers the most authentic piano playing experience as compared to all other brands and models of portable digital pianos when it comes key action authenticity, piano sound realism, and pedaling response. Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos | REVIEW | 11 Models Comparison, Korg Digital Pianos | REVIEW | 6 models under $1000 to $2000. Kawai CA79 digital piano | REVIEW | $4199 price matte rosewood, satin black, satin white | $4799 internet price polished ebony | The Kawai CA79 is near the top of the “concert series” line of pianos from Kawai. No other digital piano on the market The sound system also has 3 separate audio amplifiers on board custom designed by the Onkyo electronic sound system company along with 35 watts more power than the CA79.Â. It has 40 watts of speaker power which is almost 3 times as powerful as the models below it. We have personally played these pianos and heard them and that soundboard absolutely makes a huge difference in the tone quality and resonation and it is very apparent. With hundreds of instrumental sounds, unsurpassed piano tone and excellent keyboard touch, the CN39 … Kawai’s CN39 is the latest advancement in home digital piano technology, and represents the highest-level model with plastic key action. Kawai KDP70 digital piano | REVIEW | $899 internet price | The Kawai KDP70 is a new model digital piano for Kawai and therefore will be continuing on through 2020.  Kawai CA99 continued – With regard to the acoustic piano soundboard in the CA98 which you can see in the photo above, when the piano sound is produced through the normal stereo speaker system inside the piano, the sound vibrations travel through the natural spruce wood grains in that acoustic soundboard and those natural vibrations in the wood are then picked up by special Onkyo transducer microphones placed on that soundboard. Overall the KDP70 is a good entry level furniture cabinet digital piano and it comes in a standard simulated rosewood cabinet only. I'm looking for a digital piano for my young children and myself to learn, I like the CN37WS but see the CN39 is coming out soon (Possibly 3-6 months based on the conversation had with a local Kawai rep). It is well-constructed (weighing in at 86 pounds), and is nearly 16inches deep. Combining the class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and stunning SK-EX, SK-5, and EX grand piano sounds, with a powerful Onkyo 4 speaker delivery system, convenient USB audio features, Bluetooth® connectivity, and a broad selection of sounds, the CN39 … from Portugal took the "Goodforme" test for a relevant item by Kawai in the Digital Pianos category 5 years 11 months ago and scored 99%, For tech support and general queries reach us at info@musicngear.com, Musicngear 0030 2310 652657 Kawai's CN Series digital pianos have received three major industry awards for excellence since 2014. It represents an interesting confluence of technology and value within their overall line-up. The other Kawai digital pianos including the popular ES110, KDP110, CN29, CN39… King and Pop, Classic rock, Metal, Country, Blues , aged 45-54 y.o. Grand piano key actions are larger and much more complex than an upright piano and therefore have a higher cost than upright piano key actions. For the money this is definitely the finest digital piano we have ever played when it comes to authentic key action movement as compared to a real piano in this price range. Kawai CN39 digital piano | REVIEW | $2699 internet price | The Kawai CN39 is a newer model and will definitely go through the year 2020 and beyond. All of those piano sounds come through a new upgraded Onkyo internal speaker system with new speaker electronic producing 100 watts of Onkyo  stereo power going through 6 specially designed Onkyo speakers placed in strategic parts of the piano cabinet. or older from United Kingdom took the "Goodforme" test for Kawai CN-39 R 3 weeks 2 days ago and scored 57%, A male fan of Diana Krall, Keith Jarrett and Jazz, Blues , aged 55 y.o. The CN39 has 256-note piano polyphony, 355 instrument sounds as compared to 19 in the CN29, is General MIDI compatible to play full GM song files, record and play wav and MP3 audio song files along with over-dubbing extra parts, can store 16 user registration memories, has a full array of external audio and MIDI output and input connectivity, and has the bigger and better speaker system with 4 larger speakers as compared to the CN29. The resulting sound is a much fuller, much louder, and much more naturally resonating piano sound than the CA79 or just about any other brand of digital piano in this price range. The ES920 also has a lot of user friendly digital features and functions to make your piano playing even more enjoyable like Bluetooth wireless audio and MIDI connectivity, audio recording capabilities, and interactive style accompaniments. Then you have new proprietary acoustic grand piano sound with 2 distinct piano sound technologies offering 17 different grand piano sounds from a variety of actual Kawai acoustic grand pianos. Two of the models are under $1000, 5 of the models are between $1000-$2000, 2 of the models are between $2000 – $3000, 1 model is from $3000 – $4000, 1 model is from $4000 – $5000, 1 model is from $5000 – $6000, 1 model is from $8000 to $9000, and 1 model is at approx $10,000 discount price.  The newest Kawai digital piano is called the NV5 hybrid upright piano using an authentic acoustic piano key action from an acoustic Kawai upright piano. The CN39 is an upgrade to the lower priced CN29 in number of ways although there are some similarities, The CN39 and CN29 share the same higher end plastic key action called RH3 along with the same piano sound chip and pedaling system. from Netherlands took the "Goodforme" test for a relevant item by Kawai in the Digital Pianos category 5 years 10 months ago and scored 38%, A male fan of Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas and Opera , aged 45-54 y.o. If you want one you can probably put in a “special order” for it and get one reserved at a lower introductory price so you should contact us if you are interested in doing that and we can tell you how and where you can get that done.

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