kirby abilities tier list

I agree. TIERLIST GRUPPO OBESI MARCO MERRINO. The game has a greater focus on implementing Kirby's signature Copy Abilities in a 3D environment, which had previously only been done in K… Suplex's throws do much more damage than normal Kirby spitting stars, and normal Kirby is completely incapable of dealing damage when there are no projectiles available (aside from dealing contact damage on block, which does minimal damage) unlike Suplex which has Pinpoint Kick. (EX Fire/Wing=Phoenix) Starting with Fire! You also unlock a new Buddy, Gooey, when you reach Fighter Rank 3. I didn't know that Suplex was that good and Fire was that bad! Players with the game get to choose one of ten (twelve if the player has a copy of Kirby: Triple Deluxe) Copy Abilities, as well as the new "Random" option. 3. Final Cutter is the best it has which is still rather ineffective, and it doesn't work against aerial bosses at all. This article is about Kirby's different Copy abilities in Super Smash Bros. To see the other abilities from the other games, see Copy Abilities (SSBM), Copy Abilities (SSBB), and Copy Abilities (SSBWU/3DS).To see the move, see Inhale.. is super great and is definitively high tier. What do all of you think? Trustworthy Fan Translations. He is probably the character who improved the most from Melee to Brawl, along with Mr. Game & Watch, and is ranked 20th on the current tier list in D tier. Even Copy would have better damage output vs. most bosses since it can attack at any time. Kirby has good combo-ability, disjointed range on some attacks, and strong finishers in his smash attacks, Hammer , and back aerial. only way you can drop and copy abilitys in ultimate choice is if you start out with regular no ability kirby. Share your Tier List. Good range of attacking options that lets Kirby cover the whole area around him. 17 copy abilities and characters are included, including the returning Meta Knight and King Dedede. It's the perfect little sub...if you like that sort of thing. Bomb: This ability struggles thanks to most bosses in this game being highly resistant to repeated damage. I thought it'd be fun if I took every copy ability from the Kirby series and through them into a tier list. I agree with TAC being very good: he's the only Helper with which I was able to finish Helper to Hero. Wheel: High damage per hit but low damage output overall due to having to drive past the opponent and turn around to start a new attack.Very hard to use against aerial opponents, especially bosses like Dyna Blade and Marx whose hitboxes pretty much never touch the ground. Obvious downside is that the ability relies on the availability of projectiles for high-damage attacks, but even without them it still has Pinpoint Kick which does acceptable damage and is quite safe due to its jumping effect. Kirby Copy Abilities (Kirby Games) Tier List, Share He can also combo into these attacks, just to give himself breathing room to charge up again. 31 Views. The only ones missing are Steve's and Min Min's, so it's pretty comprehensive. Hammer, Suplex, and Ghost ability). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Definitive Ranking of Kirby's Kirby Battle Royale Abilities ... in any way in this mode. During this time, Kirby can inhale them and gain their ability. Hello! 4. Plasma is the god tier I don't care if it is a bit boring it is broken as all hell by far the strongest damage output of any Kirby game. It could grab all of Meta Knight's attacks. Here you are, all the mixed up abilities all mixed and matched up! Template on Twitter, Share Template on However, this move has relatively low damage output so doing even decent damage requires some creativity. Assuming you're talking about normal Kirby with no ability, I really do think that Suplex Kirby is pretty much strictly better. Wave Beam is a good attack for constant damage output, and Beam Blast can be used while crossing the screen for some passive damage. Sword Knight is probably low or mid tier thanks to Up Thrust, a very good attack option, while Meta Knight could be as high as high tier potentially due to his radically increased range and fast movement. Add a Row Below. Character kirby. On top of having Kirby like copy power and being able to restore your HP when copying a new ability. Nearly all mid-bosses have Copy Abilities and some Copy Abilities can only be collected from mid-bosses (e.g. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Also provides passive defense against projectiles which is pretty great. The Official (yes) Smash Bros Ultimate Kirby Copy Abillity Tier List is here. A very good ability movement wise. Trivia []. Double Kick at close range is the best solution to this but it's somewhat inflexible overall. Makes me question why we still don't have Suplex back, it's a great ability and it would help add variety to the top of the ability tiers. Jet: Fast, versatile and long-ranged. I feel like the entire reason Hammer is always so good is cause it is related to Dedede. Ice: This ability is defined by Ice Sprinkle and Ice Suction/Ice Ejection, which are basically its two good moves, the rest being too slow and/or weird to be consistently usable. Parasol: Very good range and decent damage output make for a good ability. Just a bad ability. Knuckle Joe is ranked slightly lower due to lacking Judo Throw for some reason. In fact, if I have a bad ability like Ice or something at a boss I automatically press X and spit it out. Copy Ability Tier List. S-Tier: Archer, Circus, Hammer, Master, Smash (Smash Bros. in Planet Robobot), UFO

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