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The comedian, whose own father is a chef, said he began creating cooking tutorials when coronavirus restrictions were implemented around mid March. Why is the Pfizer vaccine so difficult to transport? A comedian provided a hilarious take on how to make leek and potato soup from scratch while in coronavirus isolation.. Australian YouTuber and comedian 'Nat's What I Reckon… ‘Jar sauce. New World Artists is the exclusive booking agency for Nat's What I Reckon, for all enquiries please contact us. He’s the laconic comedian who has clocked up millions of views on YouTube. His first recipe ‘How to Make Quarantine Sauce’ has now amassed 7.5 million views on Facebook and over 400,000 on YouTube. This website and its contents are protected by copyright © 2007 - 2020 and used under licence granted to New World Artists Trust by the copyright owner. Sydney-based YouTuber ‘Nat’s What I Reckon’ has grown a cult following online after starting a coronavirus-themed series of instructional cooking videos. Designers say layers blue shop towels inside cotton masks could help... Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Nat's What I Reckon: the sweary, ranty YouTuber who's become an isolation cooking sensation After a decade making videos, this metalhead comedian’s foray into cooking segments has won fans from Dave Grohl to Yael Stone 411.8k Followers, 379 Following, 812 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Nat’s What I Reckon (@nats_what_i_reckon) Coronavirus: How Nat's What I Reckon became an internet sensation thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. What is the difference between a vibrator and a dildo? Nat explained that he hoped to inspire people to switch from eating packaged food to cooking homemade meals during the pandemic. A comedian provided a hilarious take on how to make leek and potato soup from scratch while in coronavirus isolation.. Australian YouTuber and comedian ‘Nat’s What I Reckon’ shared his latest recipe on Thursday and encouraged all viewers to avoid using packaged foods.. I caught up with Nat almost a year ago (episode 111) and thought it would be fun to see what he has been up to this year since we last spoke.In 2018, Nat has taken his comedic video commentary to the next level. After observing that pasta jar-sauce shelves had been picked clean by hoarders but fresh produce sections were full and untouched, Nat launched a no-nonsense instructional video on one of his tried and true pasta sauce recipes. The trade-show reviews I did were all about sticking it to boys’ clubs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Coronavirus US: HIGHEST daily death toll at 2,304, with 354k total. New World Artists, Exclusive Booking Agents for Nat's What I Reckon. 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Death Hoodie (Unisex) – with back print * Add to Cart. ‘I decided to change things up after having my tour put on hold, decided to focus on an isolation-themed thing. Nat said cooking had since become his passion and the comedian even once catered for 150 guests at a friend’s wedding. The cooking videos have amassed a total of 25 million views and have gained Nat an international following. I’m bloody cooking all the time, why not turn it into an instructional video,’ he told Broadsheet. YouTuber, comedian and cooking genius Nat's What I Reckon has just released a brand new video teaching us all how the hell to poach an egg. Coronavirus outbreak is not yet a public health emergency of international... We’ve not done much on female genital mutilation, 11 Incredible Ailments You Never Knew Bitter Kola Could Cure, 12 Amazing Foods That Increases A Woman’s Breast Milk. New World Artists, Exclusive Booking Agents for Nat's What I Reckon.. The ‘End of Days Bolognese’ recipe has also hit 6.4 million views on Facebook and over 450,000 on YouTube. ‘I’m mad for it. Nat’s show became a viral success thanks to his unique brand of dry comedy, liberal use of swear words and outright refusal to include packaged foods in his recipes. We’re all in isolation, but that doesn’t mean you need to succumb to eating gross instant, packet mix soup. 5 Signs that indicate he is not relationship material! Content creator, comedian, rock musician, isolation cooking champion and mental health ambassador Nat has been making videos as Nat’s What I Reckon for almost a decade. He was an ambassador for The Big Anxiety Festival, again using his platform to destigmatise the experience by encouraging conversation and using his wit to give fellow sufferers a laugh. By signing-up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms.Junkee Media collect your personal information in order to provide and market services to you. All rights reserved. The United States has reported its highest ever daily COVID-19 death toll with 117 Americans dying every hour in the past day - as... Nat’s What I Reckon cooking videos go viral. As Nat told The Guardian, “I’ve always made fun of that narrow-minded boofhead thing. He taught Nat how to cook and often shares recipes and kitchen tips with his son. Good on ya champ! His next video ‘Quarantine Spirit Risotto’ was even more popular with 8.1 million Facebook views and 700,000 on YouTube. nats what i reckon. Nat’s cooking tutorials (pictured) have amassed a total of 25 million views worldwide, ‘There’s a fresh food section in the supermarket that hasn’t been touched and yet empty shelves of pasta sauce.’, ‘You’re f**king stuck at home, what are you doing? In 2020 Nat branched out into fully-fledged live shows, performing everything from stand-up comedy to online creator film events. His debut live tour On Purpose is a multi-media extravaganza – with audience participation, video and even an anxiety game show.

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