native plants of pennsylvania guide

US Wildflower's Database of Wildflowers for Pennsylvania Click on thumbnail for larger version of image, scientific name for detail page. Books on Native Plants for Pennsylvania, the MidAtlantic, and the Northeast – links to Plant Community: A Also called Blue Beech: New Jersey Tea Moisture: Dry Sun: Full/Part Hgt. The Pennsylvania landscape is home to more than 2,000 native plant species. In addition, Seed grown at facilities that grow and/or and process non-natives, has an increased likelihood of being contaminated with non-native … Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants, Updated and Expanded by Doug Tallamy – this book started it all. Pennsylvania Native Trees and Shrubs A Landscaping Guide To learn more about the native plants we currently offer, select the appropriate native plant type. Black and white illustrations of plants on pamphlet pages. *=Multiple images on detail page Search Our Database: Enter any portion of the Scientific, Common Name, or both. When planting in Pennsylvania, choose native varieties. Note: There are over 2,100 native plant species known in Pennsylvania. Lehigh Gap Nature Center, located in Slatington, Pennsylvania, has developed a practical native plant garden guidebook for residents. Native wildflowers, grasses, sedges & ferns Keystone Wildflowers provides a variety of Pennsylvania native plants, including wildflowers, ferns, grasses and sedges, shrubs, vines and trees. By Greg Hume: Eastern Redbud Moisture: Med/Dry Sun: Full/Part/Shade Hgt. Professor Tallamy explains the scientific reasons insects need native plants to support the ecosystem. Title: Appendix B - Pennsylvania Native Plant List Author: Cahill Associates Created Date: 1/12/2005 3:15:56 PM Trees listed as endangered in Pennsylvania are balsam poplar, beach plum, southern red oak, willow oak, Shumard oak, and showy mountain ash. Paperback in good condition. As a fellow PA native plant enthusiast and general PA biodiversity champion, I greatly appreciate your work. They … This guide only references trees and shrubs and does not cover ferns, grasses, vines, perennials, annuals, or biennials. The efforts to preserve Pennsylvania's flora will have long-term effects in preventing devastating and irreversible ecological changes. Please note that many vendors sell non-natives as well as natives; so please be sure to check out what you are purchasing to be sure it is a Pennsylvania native species. : 2-3' White Bloom: July Plant Community: C One of top 10 butterfly plants! Professor Tallamy focuses on native (indigenous) trees. The rarest native species are designated by the Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) and protected under the Wild Plant Conservation Act. Native Plants of Pennsylvania, A Trail Guide to Bowman's Hill State Wild Flower Preserve, Washington Crossing State Park, Bucks County Pennsylvania.

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