ping g driver head

$175 OBO SOLD See photos for condition and components. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. This comes in 10° and 12° versions with the sole weight slight more towards the heel of the club to create a slight draw bias to straighten up those fades. $164.99. I went there playing a 915 D2 Titleist with Rogue 110 x. I have been happy with it. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Ping G Driver Review: Tech. As before, Ping has also brought out an SF or Straight Flight version of the G driver. C $26.12 + C $3.86 shipping . If you have an older Ping driver then you could notice a bigger jump as Ping say the aerodynamics of the G driver at 460cc are equivalent to G25 at 197cc. Told me to tap the club head … Condition is shown in below pictures. The Ping G driver sees some remodelling of the size and angle of the Turbulators and when visiting their factory I saw some of the variations they tried in testing. In general, the G driver will look very familiar to those that played the G30. What is kept quiet is that the internal weighting places more weight forward and in the toe of the club and this creates an anti-left driver that saw most of my shots head towards the right side of the range. However the standard G driver and the SF TEC version will suit many people so well that the LS TEC will be more of a niche offering. Ha! If I put one of these into the G how much will the lack of counter balance affect the “feel” i.e. Switched to the G from the Ping Anser. The PING G driver is faster than the G30 and has a bit more forgiveness. This is where the new G driver design makes the difference as the larger head with a higher MOI of 5412 g/cm2 means more forgiveness at a higher speed. Up for auction today is a Ping G10 driver headcover in heavily used condition. ), much better with Adams, Cleveland, with taller/deeper face (that look like this Ping driver). Ping G410 Plus Driver Verdict. Seems definitely to be an option to help straighten out the hook tendency. I loved that driver and still do but there really is no comparison. Share. Great Driver! Good condition Ping G30 10.5° driver, head only, with original head cover n adopter. To help the club turnover more easily it is also a D1 swing weight, two points lighter than the standard version. Sell one like this. PING G400 9* Left Hand Driver Alta CB 55 Regular Graphite with Headcover & Tool . It certainly works and can produce a draw etc. Any other shafts I should consider? Find great deals on eBay for ping driver head and ping driver head only. Ability to change head weights is a real plus. It was certainly the longest driver I tested. The G driver was inspired by dragonflies and 18-wheelers. Head In excellent condition . I have an XL 3wood that drifts offline and charges major yardage for mishits, but that’s about it. And when you combine more speed and more forgiveness with high launch and low spin, you have the best driver in golf. Visually at address it was just as good and that is the great thing about the SF. PING has the second longest product life cycles in golf. This is a must buy - i promise you won't be disappointed! They were the same on his. Cutting off that heavier section could cause the SW to go up, BUT when you cut down a shaft, you’re doing a lot to drop the swing weight due to the shorter length. Was hitting the Great Big Bertha 267 carry but fought the draw so I bought the LS TEC and I got a nice fade with 275 carry average. Free shipping. If you hit them on different days, you might not notice much a difference – both have a medium volume, slightly bass-y “crack.” When hit them head-to-head, however, you will notice that the G is slightly quieter and thus feels a bit softer.Just as with the G30, the G driver is substantially counter balanced through the stock Alta shaft. I tried the G SF Tech with tour 65 shaft - really good making nice straight shots by just hitting the ball without having to concentrate to keep it straight. Also much better for me than the Ping G and especially the SF version. Ping G410 Plus 9* Driver Right Tensei Orange CK 60g Regular Flex # 105134. Ideal for customizing the swingweight and feel of the Ping G30 drivers, the Ping G30 head weights are offered in 8g, 10g, 12g, 14g and 16g weight options. You can use a non-counter balanced shaft at a shorter length to get a similar SW. The TaylorMade M1 and 2 were slightly further out of the centre but less forgiving overall whilst the Cobra was more consistent than the M1 or 2. For anyone who has a tendency to fade a bit is there negatives in buying a specific clubs like the SF tec? Ping New G 410 Driver & Fairway Head Weights (Weights sold separately) Billy Bob’s Ping G 410 Factory Replacement Headweights for the Drivers and Fairways. £49.95. It certainly outperforms the G400 thanks to a slightly faster face and better spin profile. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. When are golf companies going to figure out that people hate spending top dollars on drivers one year and be told the following year that their driver is inferior? $5.95 shipping. My current handicap is 10, my golf shots found centre of fairway with more shots having a small draw. The perfect extra layer as we head towards the winter? My question, or topic, is on driver forgiveness. Just got a new Ping G400 Max custom build from Ping. The construction can certainly play a role in ball flight, gear effect, etc. No comparison, the Ping was the hands down winner. The previous perception is the minimum was 0.50 mm. PING G Technology Dragonfly Technology Ultra-thin sections were created by removing eight grams from the crown to better position the CG for high launch/low spin with a high MOI, adding to forgiveness in the Ti 8-1-1 head. The result: one of the most forgiving drivers PING has ever created for golfers that don't want to sacrifice distance off the tee. There’s also the issue of how the club looks to you and how that impacts your performance. It’s been adored by players of all skill levels, and the sales numbers have been crazy. What will inspire the next upgrade in speed and forgiveness? Just bought the G! I’ve gamed the G30 driver since the moment it was released, so I have a very solid basis for comparison with the new G driver. It creates the draw effect without using offset or any other technique that is visible at address to you or anyone else. Based on your opinion would you go with the G Driver/ Callaway Big Bertha / Callaway XR. Is it reasonable to think that those 2 shafts will perform similarly or am I making an inaccurate assumption? Loft Loft Adjustability Length Average Lie Angle Head Weight Head Size Swingweight; 11.5 ... Ping G Le. Changed from a Titleist 915 D2 ( after using an SLDR) which was pretty forgiving - to the G SF Tec with Regular Alta shaft after a 2 hr fitting using a trackman. We found something similar. It is hands down the best driver I've ever hit. or Best Offer. I’m not sure I understand your question or what you’re trying to get at. $260 OBO 2. Once again Ping has had to wrestle with the issue of improving one of the best selling drivers in the market. Views: 101. The standout feature of the G30 driver visually and technically is the Turbulators that sit on the crown of the club. Thanks ping I am a very happy golfer and money well spent. Plan on testing G LS. It does sound and feel a little different too, but really your decision to use the LS TEC should be based on performance as for those with high swing speeds, high spin deliveries or a raging hook may find that this version of the G driver could be the answer. making the club head heavy? Big Bertha goes up against the Mavrik on the golf course! I tried out the G driver with 65g x-flex shaft and could not believe the difference.

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