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You have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t get to have a child anymore. Burt keeps a lamp from Finn and Kurt's redecorated bedroom. We love you, Finn. The New Directions realise how upset she is by the death of Finn, but when Will and Mike go to embrace her, she screams and flees from the choir room. Everything you said, you were right. She finds her way to the auditorium, taking a seat on the stage. It does not reveal how he died and does not include his funeral. Finn's plaque says "The show must go...all over the place...or something". Santana pays a visit to Sue to apologize, but Sue tells her that everything she said was right, and that she feels destroyed because Finn died thinking that she hated him. Later, in the Choir Room, Will wants to have a memorial just for the Glee Club, during which they can sing anything that reminded them of Finn, starting the next day. I used to love coming here. Before filming began, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy told Deadline that they had mulled addressing Monteith's real-life addictions in the script, "At one point, we … Kurt: Well, you can't have this. Sue, as always in times of crisis in this fucked-up universe, is the voice of reason. Kurt: If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Finn dying, it’s that shame is a wasted emotion. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Of course I do! Santana: Well, I don't give a hot, wet monkey's ass what you care for. I want it. And I'll never get to tell him. This makes sense because they would have to fold it again when they shot the scene again. I feel more than I know how to express. Glee is declaring its intentions upfront, and it’s awfully defensive. Glee’s Cory Monteith Tribute: ... "The Quarterback," starts off a few weeks after Finn's death. ... Naya Rivera Covers 'If I Die Young' For Cory Monteith 'Glee' Tribute Episode. Puck: I didn't take the tree. He is grief-stricken, feeling that he never showed enough affection to him and consequently Finn never understood just how much he loved him. The episode ends with the words "Cory Monteith 1982-2013.". By Nicole Eggenberger. In the wake of Finn's sudden death, old friends return to McKinley to grieve in the only way they know - by singing. But the stupidity of it is just heightened by being placed up against the real, raw emotions emanating from Burt and Carole or from Rachel’s meek little cry of, “He was my person!” Plus, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan make all sorts of weird choices. (pushes Sue really hard and Sue lands against a shelf). Shannon: Why? Puck: Hey, leave the jacket. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. Glee TV Show Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Beiste tells him to make the most of his life and he departs on his motorcycle. The Quarterback is the third episode of Glee's fifth season and the ninety-first episode overall. Kurt: (sees Carole putting Finn's letterman jacket in the Donate box) No, don't donate that. We love you, Finn. When she asks him how he's doing, he says that he's "okay, but not okay" and asks her about her. The fifth season of the Fox musical comedy-drama television series Glee was commissioned on April 19, 2013, along with a sixth season. It’s always strange to see Glee governed with maturity, but here we are. Admittedly, I was a little worried—okay, a lot worried—going into "The Quarterback." Puck and Beiste have a heart to heart after he has re-planted the memorial tree about how in many years, nobody will know who the tree is for. I wasn't teaching him a lesson in tolerance, I was teaching myself one, and he was just unlucky enough to be there for it. Puck: (sits down next to Shannon and begins to cry) I can't take it. Shannon: You got to make it good enough, because it's all we got left. Which brings me to your final question: Was this a celebration of life? It took the first script by all three creators since the second episode of the series, but at last we have the Glee-est sentence that’s ever been uttered, a nonsense contradiction that’s meant to be meaningful in the moment and to justify future callousness. Shannon: You're drunk. Seriously, I'll pay you for it. Try it free. I take it from your write-up that there’s no real build-up to Finn’s death in the show’s continuity. Kurt: There's no timetable. Emma returns home to find Will in the living room, clutching the jacket and weeping. Shannon: You puke in my locker room, you're cleaning it up. Now, “The Quarterback” is explicitly about individual grief, and Sue is just one example. In my head, the ideal way for Glee to do this would have been a rolling, rotating hour of TV, where all of the characters gathered in the choir room and talked about just what Finn—and by extension, Monteith—meant to them, singing and laughing and crying. Will arrives home and, sitting down on the sofa, pulls Finn's letterman jacket out of his bag. Brandon Nowalk: I might need a better look at Emma’s “Wait, Am I Callous?” pamphlet, because I’m happy that’s over, and not entirely for the closure, although it’s nice to address the obvious, finally. Shannon consoles him, telling him that all they have now is Finn's voice in their hearts, and they have to learn to point out their way on their own.

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