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Byleth wins NAN% of the games in this matchup. Overall, they were considered a relatively average "zoner"-type character. Like the other Mii Fighter types, the Mii Gunner now has set attributes, including high weight (the Gunner is now a heavyweight weighing as much as Captain Falcon, even surpassing the largest possible Mii Fighter in Smash 4), significantly increasing their survivability in general, especially since the Gunner's below average falling speed has been unaltered. Charges and fires a large energy sphere. This design was touched up and used for the Mii Gunner's default look in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. Holy shit man! Trivia. Lunar Launch is the Mii Gunner's default up special move in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Mii Gunner benefits from the Gunner Missile and Arm Rocket custom moves. The grenade travels in an arc and will weakly bounce once on the ground, traveling almost half the distance of Final Destination. However, opponents can knock the bomb away with their own attacks, and the bomb will harm the Mii Gunner while it is knocked around. Ultimate. It takes about 2.4 seconds to fully charge, which feels a lot longer when you’re fighting off a rush-down Fox or Roy.  Fast rush-down characters are some of Mii Gunner’s worst matchups, so this is a significant point.  And even if you have time to charge after launching an opponent, stationary charging sacrifices an opportunity to press your advantage state even further.  Of course, you can charge in bits and pieces (even during a jump), which may alleviate some concern. Â. Defeating Mii Gunner automatically adds the default Mii Gunner under the name Mii with a default 1111 moveset to the list of Mii Fighters for all modes where Mii Fighters are usable. Option 2 is Bomb Drop, a versatile projectile that controls space in front of Gunner.  Gunner drops a small, round, timed bomb that bounces and lands less than a dash distance away.  It explodes on contact, after about 3 seconds, or when you drop another bomb.  This particular distance is precisely where opponents would land with/after well-spaced aerials, which means that Bomb Drop alters approaches from the air and prevents them on the ground.  You can also drop bombs from the air, which causes them to bounce and move further away.  It does 13.2% damage (or a bit less depending on how it hits).  It’s a good tool while fighting on stage (or in the air), edge guarding, and ledge trapping.  And it causes surprisingly high shield damage (nerfed in Version 3.0).  Instead of doing a planned aerial attack, if you see the opponent shielding, you can drop a bomb that you can follow up on after you land.  For edge guards and ledge traps, the utility is quite obvious: you can drop bombs that bounce or roll offstage or simply place one at the ledge when an opponent is ledge hanging.  You can use bombs to cover your landings and protect yourself from edge guarding opponents.  Its most interesting use is protecting Gunner from projectiles: it has a hurtbox that interacts with and stops incoming projectiles.  It will stop even a fully charged Samus Charge Shot.Â. Overall, the Mii Gunner's strengths do marginally outweight their weaknesses and as a result, is a fighter that excels at walling out opponents while struggling up close. Gunner’s damage output is pretty nutty for a zoner. Complete list of moves documented: Captain Falcon - Side Special, Up … The game is up, Mii Gunner. Option 3 is Absorbing Vortex, which is similar to Ness’s absorb special.  It absorbs energy projectiles (and explosions) that then heal Gunner (lowers damage percentage).  It heals with a 1.6x multiplier.  For example, if the energy projectile causes 10% damage, it would heal 16% of Gunner’s damage percentage.  Its initial activation has a low damage hitbox (4.8%) and, similar to Echo Reflector, it allows Gunner to stall in air and change directions with a B reverse. Â. From September 1st to September 7th, 2019, Google search results for the Mii Gunner had risen to an all-time high, presumably because of the September 2019 Nintendo Direct and the accompanying announcement of the. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Mii Gunner in Super Smash Bros. Fires a burst of flame onto the ground in front of themself, similarly to. All 3 side special options are good, but Gunner Missile is probably the best. miss the follow up Charge Blast.Â, While this moveset isn’t a bad choice, I think Gunner has better options with missiles instead.  With 1132, Gunner lacks control of horizontal space, which is key to Gunner’s success.  In addition, Flame Pillar and Bomb Drop are at least somewhat redundant.  Bomb Drop serves the same function and controls the same space, except it does it better and serves other functions as well. Â, With the 1332 moveset, you have 4 powerful projectiles (missiles are two projectiles) and strong control of horizontal space.  Missiles and Charge Blast are redundant in the sense that they control the same horizontal space.  But they serve different purposes–one is a bread and butter neutral tool and the other a powerful KO blast that is unleashed only at the right time.Â, Charge Blast has synergy with missiles for a couple of important reasons.  First and foremost, if you shoot a super missile followed up immediately by a fully charged blast, it’s a true combo that results in about 49% damage.  The combo can KO at 59%.  What’s so good about this is that your opponent can’t shield it: the combo results in an instant shield break.  So you can condition your opponent to shield missiles and then instantly break the shield.  For this reason, I think it’s an even better combo than with Flame Pillar: the Flame Pillar combo works only if you hit an unshielding opponent, but the missile combo works whether your opponents shields or not.  The only option to escape it is jumping, but you can capitalize on that as well. The second reason the two work together so well is that you can force opponents to react to missiles (by jumping or rolling) and catch them with a well timed Charge Blast (i.e. Option 2 is Laser Blaze, which is quite similar to Falco’s laser.  It inflicts 6% damage and causes your opponent to flinch, but it has no knockback.  Its main use is to punish or prevent linear aggression, or to force an approach.  While this special does serve a purpose, the other two options are clearly better. The projectile itself explodes on contact with solid ground and other opponents, and launches foes in the opposite direction from where the Gunner is facing. Forward smash and up aerial are both among the longest-ranged moves in the game (the latter which can secure very early KO's at the top of the blast line and the former being an excellent way of reading rolls and covering landing options), forward tilt and neutral air are good tools to push pressuring opponents off of them, and forward aerial is a very useful move, which not only can edgeguard and space opponents from a distance due to it being a projectile, but it also can be used to perform a technique called gundashing, which is an excellent technique that significantly helps mitigate the Mii Gunner's lacking mobility and their recovery. 2 Laser Blaze Fires spammable green energy pellets that only deal … Option 1 is Charge Blast. Performs a swinging punch with the arm cannon, blasting the enemy with flames. Mii Gunner in Mii Fighters' fighter card. Coupled with its very long hitbox duration, it is overall difficult to challenge, pressures shields well, and is useful for edgeguarding. Option 2 is Cannon Jump Kick (CJK), a horrible recovery move that doubles as an amazing attack.  Its vertical distance is mediocre and CJK allows only slight horizontal drift.  But it’s a ridiculously good offensive move.  It’s a frame 6 attack, has a large hitbox, does 20.4% damage, is an effective anti-air move, has priority over most opposing attacks, can spike opponents offstage with its initial hitbox, and is one of Mii Gunner’s best KO options.  It’s also Gunner’s fastest (and perhaps best) out of shield option.  In addition, it can also be used to edge guard opponents.  No matter where the opponent is located (ledge or center), it will KO from ground level at 106% and at double jump height at 84%.  If you opt to use CJK for your up special, you probably must choose Echo Reflector or Absorbing Vortex as your down special.  This is because recovering with CJK often requires B reversing one of these moves and then gun-dashing (advanced Mii Gunner movement technique) until you reach the area near the ledge.  Although it’s a poor recovery option because it doesn’t cover much distance, its hitbox does protect you from edge guarding opponents. Â. The design is also customizable. For Super Smash Bros. Option 1 is Echo Reflector, which is similar to Fox’s reflector.  It has a 1.5x damage multiplier for reflected projectiles, which is as good as any reflector in the game.  For example, a 10% projectile can be reflected back for 15% damage to your opponent.  It activates quickly (frame 3) and has a hitbox on activation that does 2.4% damage (technically Gunner’s quickest attack), but that’s probably not its best use in most situations.  The reflector provides some movement benefits to Gunner because it stalls in midair and allows change of direction via a B-reverse (especially together with gun dashing). The Gunner's most damaging throw, dealing 13%, making it among the most damaging throws in the game. For reference, Samus’s Charge Shot KO’s at around 69-70%.  A fully charged blast will cause about 70% shield damage, taking away your opponent’s shield option for a while decent shield damage (Version 3.0 nerfed shield damage considerably).  Naturally, Charge Blast instills fear in your opponents, perhaps changing their playstyle for the worse.  Uncharged, Charge Blast is a small projectile that inflicts only 4.8% damage, causing your opponent to flinch but otherwise having no knockback.  Its range is also shorter, but not by much.  Partially charged Charge Blasts will vary in size, range, damage, and knockback. However, the rest of the Gunner's attributes have been heavily worsened, with many of their stats being significantly below average or even bottom 10 (notably their run speed, initial dash speed, and air speed). The Mii Gunner fires a blast toward the ground, propelling them into the air and damaging any opponents nearby. But be careful because opponents can hit bombs back at you with melee attacks, causing you to take the damage instead.  However, in reality, it’s not a consistent countermove for opponents because the bomb can explode before they hit it, or they can miss, causing them to take damage. The Mii Gunner has been redesigned to be the slow, yet durable combatant of the three Mii Fighters. The Mii Gunner is a customizable playable character in the fighting video game, M.U.G.E.N Trilogy. They were confirmed as a playable character on June 12th, 2018, along with the other Mii Fighter types, Brawler and Swordfighter. (Version 3.0 nerfed shield damage so shielding this combo is an option now). The S-Tiers. But despite being a campy B button user with a few cool options Gunner also had the potential to just fuck you up. The Gunner's standard moveset has been buffed in various ways. Much like the other Mii Fighters, the Mii Gunner was perceived lukewarmly on release due to the improvements to their movesets. Similar to. Quick launch speed makes it more difficult for opponents to edge guard you. Mii Gunner vs. Steve Super Smash Bros. This is because two of his spikes are custom down special moves, and I wanted every spike counted to be able to be used in the same game (for lack of better wording), thus Mii Brawler remained at 3. The Gunner's recovery moves have also been buffed, as Lunar Launch travels significantly higher, Cannon Jump Kick has excellent out of shield KO power, and Arm Rocket's trajectory can be altered during travel. Ultimate. Accompanying the Mii Gunner's vast collection of zoning specials is a very interesting and varying set of normals. 0 Comments . Can start combos into aerials till mid percents, though it quickly loses effectiveness. Some of the physical characteristics of Miis get carried over when you use them as Mii Fighters. The recoil of the forward aerial can be used by the Mii Gunner to do a gundash to aid in recovery or for evasion (tilting the stick backwards while shifting back from recoil allows Mii Gunner to effectively keep distance from opponents more than air dodging). Gunner’s down specials include 2 options for neutralizing opponents’ projectiles.  The other special is a powerful projectile that can wreak havoc. Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS. It's about time right Oh it's also my birthday today so yay 3 Download skin now! Unleashes a series of energy bursts upwards in quick succession, followed by a stronger burst. The character is a Mii equipped with customizable attacks inspired by other "gunner" characters in Super Smash Brothers like Samus and Mega Man. However, its high base knockback makes followups almost impossible at mid-percents unless it is a projectile. This allows Mii Gunner to rack up damage from afar via camping; this strategy has allowed the character to pick up many tournament wins. Down Air Attack - Meteor smashes at the final hitbox. Ultimate. Covers themself with a glowing energy shield that absorbs energy projectiles and converts its damage to healing, similarly to Ness's, 1.2% (mini laser loop), 1.7% (big laser loop), 3% (big & mini laser loop), 10% (final hit). Last edited on November 29, 2020, at 23:17, Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U, Road to Viridian City - Pokémon Red / Pokémon Blue, Main Theme - METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER, https://twitter.com/MAY0P0N/status/1207635122008117248?s=20, https://twitter.com/asadfarooqui_/status/1212375633138982913?s=21, https://www.ssbwiki.com/index.php?title=Mii_Gunner_(SSBU)&oldid=1504597, A jab with their left hand, followed by a spin kick, and an explosion from their arm cannon. Unleashes a series of energy bursts in quick succession, followed by a stronger burst. Alright, so we’ve discussed which specials are good individually.  But which of these specials have synergy with one another to create a good overall toolkit? [After Version 3.0’s nerf to projectile’s shield damage, this sentence may or may not still be true], Notably, all of the projectiles are useful in neutral, ledge traps, and edge guards in different ways.  With this moveset, it’s easy to build up damage, and your goal will be to edge guard and KO offstage or near the ledge. Â, Mii Gunner has many good specials to choose from, and reasonable minds can disagree as to which specials and movesets are best.  I personally recommend 3332 and 1332, but try the specials for yourself and see which you prefer. Â, Mii Gunner’s Best Special Moves and Movesets, How, When, and Where Smash Pros Kill — Part 3 (Dabuz), Sometimes difficult to hit a smart opponent, If reflected, difficult to avoid due to high speed, will cause heavy damage (probably 40-45%) and possibly KO, Active explosion that allows follow up attacks, Usually safe on reflectors due to launch and landing angle, but not always, Unlike Charge Blast, there is no need to charge. By holding the Control Stick in a direction, the Mii Gunner can travel more horizontally. Inputting the move again causes the bomb to automatically detonate while dropping another bomb, making it difficult for opponents to approach the Gunner. Laser Blaze racks up decent damage while also causing flinching, making it a valuable tool similar to Falco and Fox's Blaster. As with the other two Mii Fighter types, the Gunner has access to 12 different special moves: Charge Blast, Laser Blaze, and Grenade Launch (Neutral Special), Flame Pillar, Stealth Burst, and Gunner Missile (Side Special), Lunar Launch, Cannon Jump Kick, and Arm Rocket (Up Special), and Echo Reflector, Bomb Drop, and Absorbing Vortex (Down Special). Grants excellent vertical height but passable horizontal momentum. catching a landing after they burn a double jump).  Bomb Drop is a nice additional tool that controls short range space and helps pressure opponents during ledge traps and edge guards. Their air speed, dashing speed, and initial dashing speed are among the slowest in the game, making them a very sluggish fighter both on the ground and in the air outside of gundashing. Laser Blaze is a fairly slow and easily interceptible projectile, Grenade Launch travels in a very slow and short-ranged arc that no longer can be charged or controlled, Flame Pillar has relatively substantial lag on both ends and doesn't last as long as other flame-arc moves, and Bomb Drop can be hit back to the Gunner, making them a poor choice to use against opponents with disjoints. Acts like the Gunner's forward smash aimed vertically upwards, and its vertical reach is so high it can, The Gunner pauses, then fires a single burst of flame below themself. And it's … The glorious sequel everybody and their mother DIDN'T want! Hitboxes. Mii Gunner comes in the game with an arm that seems to be a cannon or a bazooka that the gunner uses for a variety of powerful single hit explosive blasts and multi hitting spree. After a pause, the Mii Gunner fires a grenade from their arm cannon. For a gallery of Mii Gunner's hitboxes, see here. While their forward aerial auto-cancels earlier and their up smash connects more reliably, the nerfs to the shield damage of various projectiles in update 3.0.0 affect Mii Gunner more negatively than most other characters. In stock on November 20, 2020. I have to agree with what you said there... Gunner turned out to be one of my personal faves out of the 16 newcomers (alongside Pac-Man and Rosalina) Reply. 3 Favourites. 4.8 out of 5 stars 101. $39.95. For its strengths, it also has reliable KO potential, KOing at center-stage from 122%. Side special recommendation: While all three specials are useful, I highly recommend missiles for the damage output and horizontal control.  Stealth Burst is also a great option for its KO power, but your horizontal control weakens considerably and neutral won’t come quite as easy. Pikachu wins this matchup 50% of the time. Mii Gunner has received a mixture of buffs and nerfs in balance patches, but was overall nerfed. In my experience, it’s not a reliable counter to grenades. The grenade will explode around one second after launch, or detonate on impact with enemies, dealing multiple hits with a final launching hit. It’s by far the most popular choice among Mii Gunner players, and the reason is clear.  This is essentially a slightly weaker version of Samus’s Charge Shot.  When fully charged, it’s a large, fast-moving projectile that inflicts 31% damage and KO’s opponents from across the stage.  Charge Blast will KO at 76%. The Mii Gunner's fastest ground move, and is much faster in comparison to the version in. As a result, the Gunner's staying power is now above average, but their overall mobility has become one of the slowest in the game, further enforcing the Gunner's camping-centric playstyle. The first hit starts on frame 9, making it the Gunner's fastest smash attack. I don’t recommend the 1132 moveset, but many Gunners like it, so it merits discussion.  Charge Blast works nicely with Flame Pillar.  As explained above, there is a kill confirm with Flame Pillar leading into short hop charge blast, which will KO at impressively early percentages.  From the competitive games I’ve seen, it seems difficult to land Flame Pillar on smart opponents.  And even when it does land, players sometimes (often?) Finally, the Mii Gunner's combo potential is still limited despite the buffs they received, as their combo initiators act as "hit-and-run" spacing attacks with few followups (such as their tilt attacks and neutral aerial). Its vertical range covers space right above the Mii Gunner's head and half a character length beside them, making it an effective anti-air attack. You can discuss this issue on the talk page or edit this page to improve it. The Gunner's mobility changes are by far the most glaring weakness from their transition to Ultimate, as they now have to rely on spacing to compensate for their significantly lowered movement speed, which is amplified due to the cast receiving many movement buffs in general. This Mii cannot be restored if deleted. 9% (concussive blast), 8% (kick), 6% (late), Fires a concussive blast, then propels themselves with the arm cannon while kicking into the air. But what are your best kill options to close out the stock? The Minecraft Skin, Mii Gunner, was posted by Drazile. Can be angled during the move. [Of course, if you don’t care about synergy, you can simply choose the best individual specials from the analysis above.]. No matter how you set up your specials, you'll end up with a powerful arsenal. The projectile is able to KO at the edge of Final Destination from 130%. Those that have not gained power buffs have instead been improved as utility projectiles, with Flame Pillar, Laser Blaze and Bomb Drop each having heavily improved abilities (multi-hit combo initiation, no damage falloff, and stage control, respectively). Some of the Gunner's specials have been nerfed, most notably with Grenade Launch and Gunner Missile; Grenade Lauch's lowered ending lag does not compensate for the utility it had in Smash 4 (since its startup was heavily increased and it can now only fire in one direction and trajectory), while homing missiles now sacrifice homing ability for speed, making them less effective. The burst itself deals more damage and is a very strong, aerial-only. Kirby. However, it is the Gunner's slowest smash attack (frame 17). Gunner’s Neutral B options are all projectiles, varying from powerful KO move to low damage harassment tool that has no meaningful knockback. Drops a small bomb that bounces off the ground and explodes either upon contact with an enemy, or after a set time (134 frames, or roughly 1.6 seconds). The burst deals more damage up close. Note: All numbers are listed as base damage, without the 1v1 multiplier. Little to no horizontal movement, making recovery impossible from further away and more predictable to opponents in general. This is vital information that could help you seal the victory. The grenade does a lot of damage if it all hits connect (12.2%) and can KO at around 138%. SmashWaffle Oct 25, 2015. Holding the attack button will have the Gunner repeat the jab. Additionally, the Mii Gunner can also further solidify their defensive playstyle with the usage of Echo Reflector and Absorbing Vortex, both of which aid in countering other campy or projectile-based characters. Link However, the name of the deleted Mii will still be kept. They are tied with Link, Yoshi, Captain Falcon, and Min Min in terms of weight, possess an average walking speed, the 5th slowest dashing speed, and 14th slowest air speed in the game. It launches Gunner quickly, … Mii Gunner is classified as fighter #53. Gunner Missile aside, Mii Gunner’s base moveset was somewhat nerfed; however, a well-trained Mii Gunner Figure Player will generally only use its forward smash, up smash, and Gunner … Her favorite color is pink. Nevertheless, it has seen success, with players such as Katakiri placing in the top 8 of 2GG: Run it Back. As with the other Mii Fighters, the Miis have 12 voice options, provided by YÅ«ji Kishi, Takashi Ohara, … … Lastly, the Mii Gunner has adequate choices for recovery. Hits opponents 7 times and has tremendous range, being one of the longest forward smashes in the game. 1 Overview; 2 Update History; 3 Hitboxes; 4 Timing; Overview Update History.

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