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We’ve been waiting to get hold of the updated Ultra rackets for a while now, and we started off with the Wilson Ultra 100 V3. Your email address will not be published. Based on the weight, the Ultra is that little bit easier to play with. Its powerful, boring trajectory and extremely clean, classic setup with minimal offset provide the game's best players with truly the game's best irons. It felt more like an old-school Head racquet than a Wilson racquet -- from the buttery frame response to the dense 18x20 string pattern. The 2.0 version of the Ultra is designed to ramp up the power without sacrificing feel and playability. Power to all players. With the added mass the Ultra Tour turned into an even better racquet. Technical specifications for Wilson Ultra 100 v3 racket. The overall command made it easy for me to hit my targets, and I was surprised by the power, especially when hitting the sweetspot. String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses. $50.00 +$9.60 shipping. Chris was impressed. 100 sq. Wilson Tennis www.wilson.com 800-272-6060 NOTE: Add 1 foot to each measurement in the LENGTH column when using Co-Poly, Polyester or Kevlar strings. Our Review . However, this racquet provided our crew with levels of control and feel worthy of the classics. Overall, the Ultra Tour is light enough for me to swing through a volley and stable enough to execute a traditional volley against a heavy passing shot. If I had a complaint, it was that the string pattern wasn't the most spin friendly, and I found myself missing into the top of the net a tiny bit more often. Granted, the Ultra Tour lacks the weight of a classic player's racquet, and its 21mm beam is a far cry from the sublimely thin Pro Staff 6.0 85. It has a softer and smoother feel, which is a fair distance from the crisp playing Pro Staff line. WILSON Ultra 100 v2.0 STRUNG tennis racquet in FANTASTIC, USED condition! It didn't feel stiff and it had a nice flex, which felt to be a bit lower than what I normally prefer from my favorite racquets, but it didn't hinder my time with the racquet. ", "I really, really enjoyed playing with this racquet from the baseline," said Chris, who liked it even more after adding a little weight. ", Although Chris eventually made do with this racquet on serve, he could have used a bit more power and spin. However, if you want the control of a classic player's racquet minus the bulk, you should definitely clear some space in your bag for the Ultra Tour. I could go after flat first serves and I was able to get some good spin out of my kicks and slices but I just didn't feel like this racquet enhanced my serves. Kijkend naar de specs van beide rackets zijn er een paar kleine verschillen. It's not always my game style, but I could take advantage of what the racquet offered. ", Even though he prefers volleying with a heavier racquet, Troy appreciated the Ultra Tour's maneuverability and feel at net. This resulted in a high serve percentage and allowed me to feel comfortable attacking the first serve. The Wilson Ultra 100 CV is “ultra stiff” on paper with its listed RA rating (from TW) of 72 strung. ", Michelle- "Big sweetspot with decent power blended with control. My Yonex EZONE DR 98+ packs way more punch than this racquet. Our Review . The PowerProfile geometry is the combination of Integrated Perimeter Weighting System and a Sweet … It's tough, because we were playtesting this alongside the new Pure Drive, which I loved on serves. They’re both great rackets. She said, "This racquet was legit at net. Specs: - 100 sq. This stick jumps out as a great racket for intermediate players, but it will also work for beginners and advanced players because it’s got something for everyone. The Ultra Tour encouraged me to return aggressively, and I found I could take a big cut at the ball without losing control. Review date: August 2017. The Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail is loaded with potential from the baseline. Unstrung Weight: 300g / 10,6oz. Length: 27in / 68,5cm. At the end of the day though, the Wilson Ultra 100 V3 gives you very solid performance from the back of the court, and many players will be able to tap into this. Offers HUGE access to SPIN and POWER! Both my drive and chip returns were working well. Overall, this racquet allowed me to use my variety and placement and to be in control of my service games. ", Mark- "Although the Ultra Tour sort of stands alone, I have to include the Babolat Pure Strike (both 16x19 and the 18x20), the Prince Textreme Tour 95, the Yonex SV 98 and Duel G 97 (310) and the Pro Kennex Ki QTour (300). 上記グラフでは、上に行けば行くほどしなるラケット、左に行けば行くほどぶれるラケットを示しています。ultra 100 v3.0はウイルソンのラインナップの中で最もしなりの少ない、またburnに次ぐ安定性があることが分かります。 Length: 27in / 68,5cm. I think the Ultra 100 V3’s performance at the net mainly stems from its good stability on contact. It’s not all about the power though, as the Ultra gave us plenty of access to spin, and decent control as well. Wilson Staff: Year: FS Fat Shaft: 1999: Fat Shaft: 2000: Fat Shaft RM Tour 450: 2000: Progressive: 1993: RM Midsize: 1996: Fat Shaft Tour Cast: 2000: Ultra 45: 1993: Deep Red II Tour Irons (Men's) 2003: Deep Red Irons (Men's) 2003: Deep Red Irons (Women's) 2003: Fat Shaft Irons (Men's) 2003: Fi5: 2006: Pi5: 2006: Ci6: 2006 He said, "A great racquet to return with, the Ultra Tour felt fast, solid enough and very controlled. For the relatively light weight I found decent stability. Because of the easy maneuverability I was able to get some extra wrist pronation, and this helped me add some extra kick to my spin serves. cm. A host of geometrical improvements team up with a sturdy frame composition to generate admirable liveliness and plow-through. I found good precision and enjoyed hitting my targets and putting balls away with it. Since I lost a bit of control when I took bigger swings I found it best to keep my volleys short and simple and let the racquet provide the pop. Visit Other Sports Warehouse Websites Tennis Warehouse Europe  •  Tennis Only (Australia)  •  Running Warehouse  •  Running Warehouse Europe  •  Running Warehouse Australia  •  Skate Warehouse  •  Tackle WarehouseInline Warehouse  •  Ice Warehouse  •  Derby Warehouse  •  Racquetball Warehouse  •  Riding Warehouse  •  Total Pickleball, We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. The Wilson FG Tour V2 is the first absolutely must demo iron of the 2012 equipment season. I found the feel to be somewhat similar to the Head YOUTEK IG Prestige MP and Liquidmetal Radical MP. I’ve been liking both; the UL was too light. He said, "Although I determined that the Ultra Tour's string spacing is pretty much the same as my Blade SW 104's 18x19, I still had the thought in my head that spinning the ball will be an issue with an 18x20. £200.00. Wilson Ultra 100 v3 Tennis Racquet New for 2020, version 3 of the Ultra 100 upgrades two important performance features for players who tend to have a more classic horizontal swing: power & stability. With a racquet that provides great control and a comfortable feel I can be more aggressive, without having to fear the jarring sensations I get from stiffer racquets. Typically, an 18x20 pattern complements my more linear backhand, but not so much my loopy forehand. Plenty of power and access to spin. The Ultra 100 v3 upgrades two key performance metrics for players with more of a classic horizontal swing: power and stability. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. The Pro is that bit heavier, so it’s got a little bit more potential as long as you’ve got strong enough strokes. £160.00. The Ultra 100 is the flagship model of the franchise, and the one that will appeal to widest audience. Der Wilson Ultra 100L ist für alle, die bedingungslose Power spüren wollen. After I added some mass to the hoop of this racquet I found all the plow through and stability I was looking for on my returns. It gives you good access to power and spin, but somehow maintains good levels of control, allowing you to play some really nice tennis. Either way, I think you’re getting a good racket. ", Michelle had no problem hitting her mark on returns, but she would have liked a tad more pop. I found better than average power on my first serves compared to other midplus racquets with dense string patterns, and I was able to generate heavy spin on slice and kick serves. It’s so well balanced and gives you confidence in all your strokes, which is something that’s quite hard to find with modern rackets heavily favoring baseline play. It has so much to offer, the only slight downside might be that people want specialization (as in a racket that leans heavily towards control, or to power, or to spin). There are definitely rackets with a little bit more control in this area, but it wasn’t a big area of concern as I managed to keep a reasonable first-serve percentage. The high level of control allowed me to take aggressive swings off both wings. Strung Weight: 295g / 10,4oz. in., 11.2 oz., 16x19 string pattern. The Wilson Ultra tennis racket forms an integral part of the Wilson portfolio and caters for the full range of playing standards from beginners to advanced, so when we heard that the frame had been updated with new technology for 2020 we decided to give the racket the full treatment of a tennishead play test and review. Troy: 5.0 lefty all-court player with a full Western Forehand and a two-handed backhand. Again, the blend of stability and maneuverability was pretty good, but there's definitely plenty of room for stronger players to add weight. The added weight and plush feel had me hitting my two-handed backhand return with good consistency and depth. I also struggled to generate the amount of spin I'm used to getting. Strung at 48lbs, we were hopeful it would accentuate the natural power and spin of the Ultra whilst still maintaining plenty of control. The confidence I had on fast swings allowed me to get decent spin from this racquet's dense pattern. Which is typically better for a 5.0 female between the 100 and 100L? The return was another shot where the good stability of the Ultra 100 came in handy, helping me guide big first serves back into court and get a foothold in the point. The Ultra Tour has some old-school feel to it, and I felt very dialed in on all of my groundstrokes. ", There was no love lost between Michelle and the Ultra Tour on serve. $199.00. Head Size: 100 in² / 645 cm². I felt confident punching volleys deep and found adequate power from the racquet. Das Racket ist Teil der neuen Ultra-Reihe aus dem Hause Wilson und die hat es in sich. Introducing the Ultra Pro! Cómo podrías comparar este cuadro con la Head speed pro 360.????? ", Chris- "I really liked the feel of this racquet. by thetennisbros | Mar 12, 2020 | Wilson Rackets, Wilson Ultra Rackets | 8 comments. Wilson Ultra 100L v3 Tennis Racket [Frame Only] £119.99 . He commented, "The maneuverability was evident at net, where I felt I could position the racquet with ease. Si tuvieras que elegir entre el ultra v3 100 y la versión counterville con cuál te quedarías.????? It didn't play as 'closed' and boardy as a typical 18x20 racquet. I was able to use this to hit some great lefty slice serves out wide to the ad, which moved off the court and opened the court up for me to attack into. The Wilson Ultra 100 tennis racquet (or stick) replaces and improves upon the popular Wilson Juice line. I really felt like I had control over what I was doing with the ball and the feel just lent itself to precision and touch. He explained, "The feel and control I found with the Ultra Tour was great at net. With its dense string pattern, head light balance, thin beam and buttery flex, Wilson's Ultra Tour has many of the ingredients found in a traditional player's racquet. Der Ultra 100L ermöglicht es Dir, noch kraftvollere Schläge auf dem Platz zu setzen. Although a few of our players wanted a tad more power and plow through, we appreciated the Ultra Tour's fast feel and easy targeting on groundstrokes. The updated version feels that little bit more comfortable than the old racket, but this is still quite a stiff racket, which is worth bearing in mind if that’s a big issue for you. The traditional string patterns do a great job of holding the strings in place, which complements these string types better than a more open pattern. Even Michelle, who typically plays with a weighted up version of the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, was impressed by this lighter racquet. One of the things we love about this racket is that it’s got a little bit of everything. Unstrung Weight: 280g / 9,9oz. From most areas of the court I found lots of control and feel, and just enough power. My backhand slices were getting easy depth and staying low, which made it hard for my opponents to create offensive shots. Sometimes, with slightly lighter rackets, it can feel so difficult returning big serves because the racket gets pushed around, but this wasn’t the case with the Ultra. Pair that with the fact that I was told this racquet would have a more classic feel, and I was slightly hesitant going into this playtest. He explained, "The one shot where I was missing some power was on serve. As expected, the Ultra Tour's tight pattern helped keep my backhand slice ultra low and effective. We couldn’t find any areas where the Wilson Ultra 100 V3 was weak, and completed the playtest by giving it an 8 out of 10 for the return. ", For Troy, this racquet had impressive comfort and control on returns, but it got better with some well placed weight. Wilson Ultra 100 v3 Tennis Racket [Frame Only] £159.99 . / 645.16 sq. Thanks! I do think the V3 makes a good step forward, so I would probably go with that one. Additionally, some of our players required weight customization to reach their preferred levels of power and plow through, but this was more a matter of fine-tuning than a defect. ", Although she could have used a tad more plow through and spin, Michelle was still able to find a groove with the Ultra Tour on groundstrokes. I could also step up, pick my target and execute the shot. I was able to adapt, but I rarely served as well as I do with my usual racquet. This frame doesn’t get pushed around, even when you’re playing against a really big hitter, and this means you can control your volleys back into court. I had all the spin I needed, along with a high degree of comfort and consistency. To get the most out of the new Ultra 100, we set it up with Luxilon LXN Smart string, a slightly more forgiving poly string that still offers plenty of control and feel. After playing with this racquet in stock form for a couple of weeks I messed around with a bit of weight in the handle and in the hoop at 3 and 9 o'clock. Balance: 33,02cm / 4 pts HL. The Ultra is a little bit easier to play with though, so it really depends on your strokes. This allows you to play offense and defense to suit your game, and gives you plenty of power without losing control. Troy- "This Wilson Ultra Tour racquet reminded me of some of the older Head racquets I have hit with over the years. Your email address will not be published. For a 300g racket, this stick is very, very good at the net at it certainly marks itself out as an all-round racket. ", Even in stock form, Chris had zero complaints with the Utra Tour at net. I struggle juicing power out of many 18x20 racquets, but I found I could accelerate and be aggressive on my groundstrokes. Hola amigos….con respecto a la facilidad de juego….este cuadro es mejor que el speed pro 360.???? Power, spin, control, it’s got them all in equal measures, and a lot of people are going to be very happy with the results. "I just never felt I was getting enough power out of my serves and never felt like I was making the racquet work for me. in. I didn’t spend too much time volleying with this stick while I played singles, but I found I was very comfortable with it when playing doubles, and played some excellent tennis. The Ultra Tour is a great platform racquet for customization, and I loved how it responded to some added weight. The Ultra 110 tennis racquet brings ultimate power for senior players. I could absorb power from my opponents and redirect it or return it with soft touch. When you feel confident with your racket at the net, it allows you to play so much more aggressively, and that’s exactly what I was able to do with this racket. For us though, we had no such problems and enjoyed the all-round easy playability of the Ultra. ", Mark- "That Wilson waited this long to release this frame. During fast exchanges the maneuverability helped me to react quickly and get my hands into place. The Wilson® Ultra 100L Tennis Racquet incorporates power and versatility in a lighter frame. He currently plays with the Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph. I was rewarded with deep penetrating groundstrokes that helped me push my opponents back and let me stay offensive. The comfort level allowed me to feel confident when I stepped in and took returns early. He said, "The blend of maneuverability and precision allowed me to attack my first and second serves with lots of racquet head speed. Das Wichtigste: Du verlierst dabei nie die Kontrolle. ", "This was the fourth part of the playtest, and like the prior three portions, I loved this frame when I was hitting returns," said Mark, who simply couldn't find anything wrong with the Ultra Tour. Deze Ultra 100 is zodoende feitelijk de opvolger van de Juice 100. ", Chris- "This racquet felt like a blend of a Head Prestige Midplus and a Blade 98 18x20. But when hitting with the Wilson Ultra 100 CV you don’t feel the expected discomfort which means the Countervail dampening material must be doing its job. I really enjoyed it at net and had fun playing doubles with it. No oval beam/high RA, no PWS, no Cortex, no Triad, no wide open string pattern, no post play pain ... just a great frame! Its combination of an 18x20 string pattern, forgiving beam, 97 square-inch head size, low 11 oz string weight, standard length and substantial 320-ish swingweight complemented my game anywhere near the net. In stock form the racquet felt very fast and easy to swing. I was hoping for a bit more plow through and missed some of that put-away power that I've grown accustomed to with my favorite racquets. Wilson Ultra 100L V3 Racket Specs . It stayed strong through contact and helped us return really well. This is the area where the Ultra 100 always seems to outperform our expectations. Strung with POLY/SYNTHETIC GUT strings! Finding the most success from the backcourt was Mark, who commented, "I was pretty certain that I would like swinging the Ultra Tour from the first time I saw it, and I have to say that it delivered far more than expected. Overall, we liked the update to the Ultra and found it improved on some of the strengths of the old racket. ", Michelle- "I just couldn't command the Ultra Tour on my serves. It’s just a great middle-ground, which means anyone can play good tennis with it. Some of the more sought-after frames to try this season belong to the new Wilson Ultra line. Muchas gracias por responder mis dudas.!!!! Makes my arm hurt just by reading it. For a 300g racket, this stick is very stable, which allows you to get the most out of your strokes, and I think this is one area where the new version has made a slight improvement on the old one. EXTREMELY FAST SAME/NEXT DAY SHIPPING! Hola….!!!! Chris uses a full-western forehand grip, has a fast swing style and hits a one-handed backhand. SAVING 20% The Ultra 100 v3 upgrades two key performance metrics for players with more of a class... FREE 24H DELIVERY. SAVING 25% 16/18. Redefine your game and your flair with this bold, minimalistic design that pops on the court. We enjoyed the CV version of the Ultra 100, and it really grew on us throughout the playtest. The Wilson Ultra Tour is a racquet for the semi-advanced to advanced player who’s open to playing around with some lead tape to find the ideal specs. I loved hitting touch volleys with this racquet. Michelle: Open level baseline player with a semi-western forehand and a two handed backhand. Chris: 4.5 all-court player currently using the Yonex EZONE DR 98+. Make Offer - New Wilson Burn 100 ULS Ultra Lite Tennis Racquet, 4 1/4-Inch grip, Wilson Ultra 105s V2-4 1/4 Grip. I think it's a great platform for customization, and players can really make it shine in any area they want. "The Ultra Tour was by far my favorite racquet from the current Wilson offerings. The Wilson Ultra 100L is a powerful racquet with technology that promote crushing power. Mark- "Although the Ultra Tour sort of stands alone, I have to include the Babolat Pure Strike (both 16x19 and the 18x20), the Prince Textreme Tour 95, the Yonex SV 98 and Duel G 97 (310) and the Pro Kennex Ki QTour (300)." This was not the case, and I hit my regular Playsight numbers. Unleash your power with the all-new Ultra 100 Countervail. In stock form this racquet had decent stability when I was volleying heavy hit balls. It’s got good control, it’s got good power, and it’s got good spin. ", Troy- "This Wilson Ultra Tour racquet reminded me of some of the older Head racquets I have hit with over the years. "I'm not going to lie, this wasn't my favorite place to use the Ultra Tour," she said. Players seeking that great playing Prestige Midplus that is sorely missing from the current Head line should give this racquet a whirl and add some weight to dial it in. Balance: 33,02cm / 4 pts HL. Click Here To Get The Wilson Ultra V3 For The Best Price From RacquetGuys! Copyright © Tennis Warehouse. ", A few members of our team were calling for extra weight and more plow through for their service returns, but, on the whole, the Ultra Tour performed admirably in stock form. Those ingredients point to a bygone era in racquet production -- a time before the classic virtues of control and feel were overtaken by the modern seductions of power and spin. Free shipping. Despite it being a bit lighter than my normal spec, I really didn't have any issues with stability. In stock form, I felt this racquet needed a bit of help driving through the ball, and it needed easier put away power. When you do want to let loose on second serve returns, then you’ve got lots of power available to try and get on the front foot and attack your opponent. We gave it an 8 out of 10 on the groundstrokes. We were hopeful that this would carry over with the newest version, and given Wilson’s latest efforts with rackets like the Blade 98 V7, we were confident it would. The feel became very silky smooth, and I felt totally in control of my slice backhand and drop shots. I would have enjoyed a bit more weight in the hoop. A host of geometrical improvements team up with a sturdy frame composition to generate admirable liveliness and plow-through. The stock weight of this racquet had me itching to add some Tennis Warehouse Tungsten Tape up in the hoop and a leather grip on the handle. Head Size: 100 in² / 645 cm². Mark: 5.0 lefty all-court player with a one-handed backhand. Make Offer - Wilson Ultra 105s V2-4 1/4 Grip. The sweetspot on the Ultra Tour was bigger than those older Head midplus racquets and more similar to the Prince Tour 100 18x20 racquet. On serve, the power of this racket shone through, as we were able to generate good racket head speed and turn this into some big serves. Wilson developed the new 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail to be tailored towards the all-court player seeking an easy to swing frame, which provides effortless power to go with excellent maneuverability and comfort. The first thing I noticed was how big the sweetspot felt and how I could really elongate and exaggerate my strokes, which is always a good thing. The control was right up there with some of my golden oldies (Head MicroGEL Radical Midplus, Dunlop M-Fil 200, Wilson KBlade 98). Wilson Ultra 100 V3 Specs . There really aren’t any areas where this racket will let you down, and we gave the Wilson Ultra 100 V3 an 8 out of 10 for the volleys. The all new Wilson Ultra 103S has all of the technology to keep spin junkies happy. ", Our playtesters had a blast with the Ultra Tour at net. REFURBISHED RACQUET FINAL SALE Wilson Ultra 100 V2 Cross Section 24-26-23 DTB Head Size 100 sq in String Pattern 16x19 Unstrung Balance 32 cm / 7 pts HL Series Ultra Unstrung Weight 300 g Length 27 in / 68.6 cm Player Type Avid Competitor To buy, demo, or learn more about this racquet, go to: The marquee model in Wilson’s new racquet family, the Ultra 100 possesses a sugary sweetspot that’s difficult to miss.

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