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a great number of men, crossed the Rhine, not far from the place at which that river discharges itself into the sea. profectus, ut ibi extremum tempus consumeret aestivorum. Fleta, lib. Latin Dictionary Latin-English Dictionary Search within inflected forms. Omni ora maritima celeriter ad suam sententiam perducta communem legationem ad P. mittunt, si velit suos recuperare, obsides sibi remittat. Quorum magno numero interfecto. Thus Caius Gracchus compared with the elder Cato is full and copious; compared with Gracchus is polished and ornate; Cicero. Crassus Meaning and Latin to English Translation. when the votes were called for, and Marcellus, who endeavored to advance his own dignity, by raising envy against Caesar, wanted a division, the full senate went over to the opposite side. Caecilius Metellus … (of a liquid) concentrated, thick; turgid 4. English words for crasso include consolidate, pack, compress and thickening. Cookies help us deliver our services. Eng.) What does crassus mean in Latin? Pronunciation of Crassus with 1 audio pronunciation, 6 translations, 4 sentences and more for Crassus. ", Hora circiter tertia ab antecursoribus de. Latin Dictionary: the best Latin dictionary with a conjugator and a Latin declension tool available online for free! He belonged to the last generation of Roman nobiles who came of age and began a political career before the collapse of the Republic.His peers included Marcus Antonius, Marcus Junius Brutus, Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus, … Synonym Discussion of crass. CRASSVS [1]) (ca. This is similar to the latin cratis meaning wickerwork, or the Sanskrit कृत्, kṛt meaning to spin.Note that in Sanskrit ṛ is a vowel, pronounced like ri in Northern … , whom he had sent with one legion against. Crassa ignorantia, gross ignorance. IPA: /kɹæs/ (Amer. C. Carbonem, unoetvicesimo Caesar Dolabellam, altero et vicesimo Asinius Pollio C. antecedens Calvus Vatinium iis orationibus insecuti sunt, quas hodieque cum admiratione legimus. We hope this will help you in learning languages. over Samarobriva and assigns him a legion, because he was leaving there the baggage. Crassus . Nearby words. If you want to learn crassus in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Latin to English. adventu certior factus eo die milia passuum XX pro cedit. (of the weather) heavy, thick, dense; murky 5. Examples Many of the Reformers (by my reading of them) condemned the notion of real presence (and transubstantiation) because they interpreted it as a fleshy and physical presence (what you call crass and I might call immoderate realist). Plutarch describes him as an avaricious man, stating that Crassus and his men died as a result of his single-minded pursuit of wealth in central Asia. Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data, , egregiis maioribus et fraterna imagine fulgentem, ad capessendam rem publicam hortatus, haud. fat adjective. See crass in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. (of the weather) Heavy, thick, dense; murky. Summamque in sollicitudinem ac timorem Parthici belli provincia cum venisset, ac nonnullae militum voces cum audirentur, sese, contra hostem si ducerentur, ituros, contra civem et consulem arma non laturos, deductis Pergamum atque in locupletissimas urbes in hiberna legionibus maximas largitiones fecit et confirmandorum militum causa diripiendas his civitates dedit. Eng.) (of a liquid) Concentrated, thick; turgid. and manner a man of the old type. Origin: Latin; Meaning of Crassus; Classmate Finder; Find Family Tree; Free Dating Sites; Gender: Unknown Crass behaviour is stupid and does not show consideration for other people. dicendi, malim hercule C. Gracchi impetum aut L. maturitatem quam calamistros Maecenatis aut tinnitus Gallionis: adeo. began to besiege the [principal] town of the Sotiates on his march. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. IPA:… Pronunciation (Brit. Molecular analysis. IPA: /kɹæs/ (Amer. Following Rome’s catastrophic defeat at the Battle of Arausio, however, an… But We do maintain that the will cannot be upright nor the conduct good when the mind is shrouded in the darkness of crass ignorance. We still read with admiration the speeches in which Lucius, in his nineteenth, Cæsar and Asinius Pollio in. Grease comes to English via Norman grece, from the Old French graisse, from the latin crassus, meaning thick or fat.. Crassus is itself descended from the proto-indo-european *kwert-meaning to weave or twist together.

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