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Having to leave Pondicherry during World War I, she spent most of her time in Japan where she met the Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore. This place is none other than Pondicherry, situated at the easterly coastal region of India, 200 kilometres away from the southern part of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Bastille Day in Pondicherry (Puducherry) Pondicherry in August: A beautiful mélange of Contemporary India and Classical France. It is one of the seven union territories of India. Pondicherry is no exceptional and this makes it more special and significant among the other festivals of Pondicherry. Pawl Kut, Mizoram India . This created a French heritage in the society of Pondicherry. Tamilnadu Culture. Pondicherry which has seen the long rule of the French boasts of having a distinct culture. A testament to the motto of unity in diversity, Pongal in Pondicherry is celebrated with grandeur and great pomp. ... One can find a blend of cultures in this land. Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, 1976 - Pondicherry (India : Union Territory) - 50 pages 0 Reviews On the life, culture, and economic development of the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Places … This cultural festival focuses on dance, tribal art forms, crafts, and others. Pondicherry is one of the important tourist destinations and this place bears a wonderful history and heritage. Attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival. Add a Review Click here to cancel reply. Apart from the local culture, many art and craft forms from around the country and even international destinations are expressed during this festival. The festival aims to showcase independent cinema from across the globe, celebrate the true spirit of indie filmmaking, and provide a platform where Indie filmmakers can showcase & get recognition for their work. Fairs & Festivals. ... Posted In Cultural, February, Indian Festivals, Religious, and Year. Other gatherings at sunrise at the Amphitheatre February 21: Mother's birthday August 15: Sri Aurobindo's anniversary. Sightseeing. Information on French Food Festival, Pondicherry India 2020 dates, address, packages and nearby hotels. Men wear pants and shirts. Description Pongal is the festival of New Year in the southern states of India. Sita cultural centre welcomes you in the midst of Pondicherry to discover through various classes and workshops the arts and culture with a specific emphasis on South Indian Arts.Come to discover and have fun! Pongal Festival Pondicherry : The festival of harvest is here! Women prefer wearing saris, long skirts and blouses. Visited 1024 times, 1 Visit today. The Pondicherry tourism department uses the tag line “ Pondicherry Or Puducherry is a Union Territory in Tamilnadu, It was a French Colony Until 1954, Later Taken over by the Indian Government. From Villianur Temple Car Festival to the Bastille Day to food festival, the festivities keep the locales and the tourists engaged around the year. Things to do in Pondicherry. Festivals: Pondicherry and Puducherry. The kids (and hassled parents!… Art & Culture. Team PondyLive; June 1, 2019; 0; The weekend before Eid in Pondicherry is a relatively quiet one- like most of June. Ashrams in Pondicherry For A Blissful Escape. The culture of Pondicherry (as a UT) is synonymous with the culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh due to the scattering of the regions of the UT in these states. The city is located in the Pondicherry district on the southeast coast of India, and is surrounded by the state of Tamil Nadu with which it shares most of its culture and language. We think of farmers who grow our food, mouthwatering Pongal,… Art & Culture. Either you live in Pondicherry or you just come for a few days trip, you will definitely find a class which suits you. Tamil nadu is known for its ancient cultural heritage. Finally she returned to Pondicherry and settled there in the year 1920. Pondicherry was a French colony and the French culture rapidly mingled with the existing Indian culture of those days. Sightseeing. The Pondicherry Tour Packages contain festivals and celebrations which are quite common and can be found every where. Veerampattinam FestivalAdd to planner ' August 18 Veerampattinam is the biggest coastal village in the Union Territory of Puducherry - situated between Pondicherry and Cuddalore. Pongal is one of the major festivals of South India and Pondicherry is no exception to it. Although the primary language of the city is Tamil, a small majority of French population also reside within the Union Territory. The cafés were primarily French but through their Creole food, suggested that they respected Indian cuisine. During the festive season, the atmosphere of this union territory of India has full of excitement and attracts locals and people from other parts of the world. Dawn fire on Feb 28 (Auroville’s birthday) at the Amphitheatre. Travellers can enjoy authentic French baguettes, brioches and pastries in this city along with traditional Tamil and Kerala cuisines. 5 Dim Sum dishes to try at this food festival in Pondicherry. All festivals in Pondicherry are celebrated with pomp and fun. Read more. Lokrang Festival. Pondicherry is a land of diversity, with many culture and religion co-existing together. Indian Festivals » Culture of Pondicherry; Culture of Pondicherry. Posted by : Prashant March 9, 2012. After the dominance of French, the place looks more like a French Colony. The Government of Puducherry organizes free evening cultural presentation in various places of the city. Pondicherry has its roots vested within the French colonialists' culture, with the colonial villas and the consulate of France in Pondicherry. Festival costumes of Pondicherry: Pondicherry is known for its vibrant festivals and culture. Pondicherry If famous for its French Architecture place, Streets and also Beach, All these Places are almost 300 years old, That beautiful 18th Century Vibe is still present in this Place. The annual edition of the Pickurflick Indie Film Festival, started in 2017, has been renamed as Pondicherry International Film Festial (PIFF). Pondicherry is also called little France of India because of French influence on its culture and architecture. The French rule has left their cultural legacy in the form of many buildings and churches which are marked by their European architectural style. 7 reasons you must not miss this ultimate seafood thali in Pondicherry . She came to Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual retreat on 29th March 1914 in Pondicherry, India. The land has experienced various historical significances as Pondicherry witnessed fierce battles between British and French in the by gone days. Festival of Puducherry - a cultural pageant – coincides with the Liberation Day and the Independence Day. The state is a mixture various cultures and the local people observe this festival with great splendor. Pondicherry is a land with mishmash culture; it's a land with rich cultural heritage and splendid architecture. Pondicherry (/ p ɒ n d ɪ ˈ tʃ ɛr i /), officially known as Pondicherry City (/ p ʊ d ʊ ˈ tʃ ɛr i /), is the capital and the most populous city of the Indian Union Territory of Puducherry. Pongal, Easter, Dassehra, Diwali and Christmas are celebrated with enthusiasm, but some of the special events like the International Yoga Festival held in January each year attracts hordes of visitors as this is a particularly festive time with a variety of dance forms on display. Beaches & Islands. 6 Adventure Tourism. Events in Pondicherry: Travel Guide - Get information on famous & tourism Events in Pondicherry. Where to go for dinner this Valentine’s Day in Pondicherry. Art & Culture . Gifted with a potpourri of French and Indian culture, Pondicherry is the destination where the celebrations have no end. The patrons of Pondicherry’s cafes began trying new dishes and this encouraged an appreciation of French culture. Rediscover forgotten recipes and games of South India at this food festival. This festival embraces the heritage of the land in a festive way. You'll also find many hill stations near Pondicherry that are worth a visit. Fairs and festivals are essential part of Pondicherry’s age old culture. Culture of Pondicherry. It also has a little of Tamil touch in it. Desert Festival in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan . Pondicherians enjoyed attending concerts such as Domus Dei's concert, a singing group from the Lady of Angels’ church or as H2O, Rock 'N' Roll band from Pondicherry.They appreciated as well dance shows like the Bharata Natyam performance of Gayathri and Bakthan. Puducherry celebrates festivals with fervour. Pondicherry is a mishmash of French and Indian culture that can be seen in the form of various festivals and fairs that take place in … The Masimagam Festival is one of the most important festivals of Pondicherry. Culture of Pondicherry The people of Pondicherry wear traditional Indian dresses. 6 Adventure Tourism. Being greatly influenced by French culture, all kinds of French festivals are celebrated along with Indian festivals. Festivals. The history and culture of Pondicherry are one of its kinds, and visiting this place can give you excellent travel experience. Share. Cultural Places in Pondicherry: Travel Guide - Get information on famous & tourism Cultural Places in Pondicherry. Darshan days at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry: Feb 21, Apr 24, Aug 15 and Nov 24. The light house, the churches, the houses all of them have a touch of the French colony. Pondicherry was under the French dominance for a period of 300 years. Pondicherry is a home to people from different parts of the state and as well as people come from far of other countries, but mostly the aboriginal people are of Tamil origin. Tamils all over the world ar proud of the culture of Tamil Nadu and take great efforts to safegaurd and practise their cultural traits. Your guide to the weekend before Eid in Pondicherry. 5 Vietnamese Dishes you must taste to experience Pondy’s forgotten history. Pondicherry: A Travelogue #TWC. Festivals/fairs of Karaikal, located 150 kms south of Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu itself, include one in Karaikal Ammayur temple which holds the annual 'Mangani' festival (July) which is a well attended 'Mela', as also Kandoori festival celebrated by Karaikal Durga and the Feast of our lady of Lourdes celebrated by our lady of Lourdes church. Pondicherry's heritage was celebrated through music and dance performances almost each night. The rich history and heritage of Pondicherry is well evident in the fairs and festivals and in the culture. There are a lot of attractions in Pondicherry, and amongst all of them, Auroville is one of the most frequented attractions. The place is known as the home of the Lord Sulramaniar. Started in 2018, Pondicherry International Film Festival is organized by Pickurflick, one of the fastest growing indie cinema platforms in India. Festivals and celebrations recognised in Auroville, often involving a holiday, are: Auroville-related . Festivals Of Pondicherry. Pondicherry was earlier a colony of French. Pondicherry experienced the richest culture of France as this small union territory was untouched by the British for along period of time. The inaugural edition organized in association with Pondicherry Tourism, Alliance Francaise Pondichery & French Embassy, showcased 124 films across five days and also included workshops & panel discussion. Pondicherry, with its culture imbued with French and Tamil influences, offers a mosaic of culinary wonders to food lovers. view more . Beaches in Pondicherry That Will Make You Fall in Love with the Sea.

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