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It derived its name from its leaves, twigs, and seeds which display an affectionate red in varying degrees. Red Maple1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson2 INTRODUCTION Red Maple has an oval shape and is a fast grower with strong wood, reaching a height of 75 feet (Fig. They offer a great variety of form, size, and foliage; many display striking autumn colour. Amur Maple Clump. Few people know that red maple foliage can turn yellow or orange in the fall too. Tiny, conspicuous red flowers bloom in spring. 1). Red maple or Acer rubrum. Red maple is a widely adaptable large tree common to the woods of eastern North America. However I noticed this spring that a leaves had fallen to the ground along with the stems attached to them. Sku #40046 . It was a seedling I dug up 10 years ago and have been caring for since. 45 litre - 1000 litre available. It is imperative that the pot has one or more drainage holes. Fall color (this photo) is great, and cultivar 'Erythrocladum' has young stems and branches that are bright red. Acer rubrum ‘Brandywine’ SIZE: approximately 35’ tall by 20’wide HARDINESS: zones 4 to 8 LIGHT: full sun, tolerates some shade SHAPE: oval, dense canopy RATE: moderate to fast FLOWERS: very small, abundant, red flowers bloom in spring before leaves appear OTHER FEATURES: Seedless Brilliant red fall color turns to deep purple-red. Caring for a Japanese Maple in a Pot. Red Maple leaves. Listing for Acer (Maple) The Genus Acer is the largest group of deciduous trees and encompasses a vast range of shapes, sizes, colours and forms. "Soft maple" isn't a maple species. Size: Small Medium Large Exposure/ Light Requirements: Full Shade Full Sun Partial Sun/Shade Pests and Problems: Animal Damage. Foliage is held on the tree later into fall than with most cultivars. Learn about growing red maple in your yard. Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’ or ‘Autumn Red’ Lipstick Maple. From small weepers through to small, medium and large shade and autumn colouring trees, the options they offer for garden design are almost limitless. The red maple announces its presence in early spring with a huge haze of red, produced by a myriad of tiny red flowers borne on the tips of the twigs all over the tree. Fall color can be yellow rather than red, so select a cultivar bred for red fall color. ‘October Glory’ or ‘Autumn Red’ had a pyramidal shape when young, developing a rounded crown. Outstanding, reliable, bright orange to deep, reddish purple fall color - even in warmer climates. Most people use them as specimen trees, although they are also used in bonsai. 8 - 9' $329.00. The red maple is named for its red flowers, red fruit, red twigs, and—of course—its brilliant red fall foliage. The 'Bloodgood' cultivar of Japanese maple is an ideal tree for smaller yards. Size Tolerance Exposure Use Tree Pests Credits Red Maple Acer rubrum. It grows faster than Norway and sugar maples, but slower than silver maple. A red maple tree highlighted between spruce trees. Noted for keeping its rich purple-red foliage color better than any other Laceleaf Japanese Maples, Acer palmatum 'Red Dragon' is a compact, slow-growing deciduous shrub with elegant dissected leaves reminiscent of the claws of a dragon. They bloom in spring, and this is when the red in their foliage is often at its brightest. An upright form with weeping branches, the habit of the Red Dragon Japanese Maple is … Showy red fruit attract many birds and other wildlife. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) Bacterial Disease. Advanced trees & hedging. Fireglow Red Leaf Japanese Maple - 5 Gallon Pot; There couldn't have been a better name for this upright Japanese Maple than Fireglow. Maple Trees (Medium Size) Amur Flame Maple. I love Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) , but the Fullmoon maple (Acer shirasawanum, zones 5 to 9) ups the ante with leaves that have up to 13 lobes. The leaves emerge more dark red than purple in spring and are thinner than other cultivars making them somewhat translucent. Glistening dark green leaves in spring, summer turn radiant red late fall and last several weeks. If you want a healthy, happy, container grown Japanese maple, you’ll need to plant your tree in a container that is about twice the size of the tree’s root system. A red tinge can be found in its flowers, twigs, and seeds, but it is most notable for the scarlet of its leaves in fall. Grows 40'-50' high with a 25'-35' spread. Autumn sightseers of the eastern deciduous forest praise the red maple for its striking scarlet leaves. Acer rubrum (red maple) Medium-sized tree; leaves grow up to 15 cm long, with three to five sharply-toothed lobes, and turn brilliant red in the fall; twigs, buds, flowers are bright red; maple key wings are angled at about 60°. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Growth Rate: Growth rate is varied, depending on the species. The tree is now approximately five to six inches in diameter. In a similar fashion, the brilliant red color of this red maple signal the onset of fall. The Red Dragon Japanese Maple is a stunning dwarf maple with lacy, red foliage. WINTER HILL TREE FARM Ph: 02 4878 9193 Fax: 02 4878 9109 NSW Southern Highlands Retail & Wholesale. The red maple tree leaves are 2 to 5" opposite, simple leaf with 3 to 5 lobes; often triangular shape; variability fall color from tree to tree - yellow, yellow-green, orange to red. Tree Size: 65-100 ft (20-30 m) tall, 2-3 ft (.6-1.0 m) trunk diameter. Until the spring it has been full and never a problem. Trees are often much shorter in the southern part of its range unless growing next to a stream or on a wet site. It has a lovely compact shape, and a single straight trunk which looks pleached naturally. The term refers to the quality of a maple tree's wood. Cultivated, red maple may grow to 70 feet tall, although it can achieve 120 feet in the wild. Maple, (Acer), any of a large genus (about 200 species) of shrubs or trees in the family Sapindaceae, widely distributed in the North Temperate Zone but concentrated in China.Maples constitute one of the most important groups of ornamentals for planting in lawns, along streets, and in parks. The silver maple's leaves are wider than the red maple's (5 to 7 inches versus 2 to 6 inches) and have five lobes instead of three. Autumn Blaze maple is a large tree, but red maple is larger. Highly adaptable, pest and disease-free, and resistant to leaf chlorosis. The most widespread maple in eastern North America and ubiquitous in both the urban and forest landscape. Acer rubrum, commonly called red maple, is a medium-sized, deciduous tree that is native to Eastern North America from Quebec to Minnesota south to Florida and eastern Texas. If sited where it can be viewed with the rising or setting sun behind the tree its leaves will glow a bright red, hence the name. Red maple needs plenty of room for its dense, spreading root system. Skip to navigation ... Cultivated varieties have been selected for fall color, plant form and size, and pest and stress tolerances. Armstrong Gold Maple. The upper side of the leaves is green, with the lower side silverish in color. When you buy a bare root red maple tree to plant in your yard, it'll usually look more like a skinny stick than a towering shade tree. Unless irrigated or on a wet site, Red Maple is best used north of USDA hardiness zone 9. The red maple’s bright, fiery red fall foliage makes it stand out from the ordinary. A very hardy selection of the popular red maple from northern Minnesota, this shapely shade tree features brilliant red fall color and showy red flowers along the … Red – Orange fall color; Smaller maple (20'h x 20'w) 7 - 8' $299.00. Save Photo. I have a beautiful red maple in my front yard. Highly regarded as one of the best of the Maples for autumn colour. This maple is an understory tree, and it needs partial to full shade and cool, damp woodland soil to thrive. 5 pictures total. Redpointe® Red Maple Acer rubrum 'Frank Jr.' Plant Patent #16,769. Red maple is more resistant to ozone and acid rain, and in some areas where air pollution contributes to mortality of mature sugar maple, the canopy is being replaced by red maple. It normally grows to a mature height of about 50 feet. The color darkens in summer to burgundy, or even darker. Acer ‘Jeffers Red’ Maple $ 21.99 – $ 189.99 Acer Freemanii “Jeffers Red Maple” Jeffers Red Maple is a gorgeous Maple that hosts some of the best Autumn colour around, with a blend or yellow, orange, copper, rust and vivid reds gracing its branches. The variability fall color can be observed on large stands growing on hill sides. Grown in pots for year-round planting. GENERAL BOTANICAL CHARACTERISTICS : Red maple is a deciduous tree that grows 30 to 90 feet (9-28 m) tall and up to 4 feet (1.6 m) in diameter [16,25].The bark is smooth and gray but darkens and becomes furrowed in narrow ridges with age [16,38].Twigs are stout and shiny red to grayish brown [].The small, fragrant flowers are borne in slender-stalked, drooping, axillary clusters [8,16,24,49]. Early fall color; Smaller columnar sugar maple; Stays small and tight; Use in limited space areas (45'h x 15'w) 2" $319.00. Red maple is a beautiful shade tree native to Minnesota. The red maple (Acer rubrum) is one of the most common, and popular, deciduous trees in much of the eastern and central U.S.It has a pleasing oval shape and is a fast grower with stronger wood than most of the so-called soft maples. Some trees are slow growers (20-30 years to reach full size) and some are fast (10-15 years). The undersides of the silver maple's new leaves are silver-white in color, while the red maple's new leaves have a whitish undertone. Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’ or ‘Autumn Red’ An excellent variety of Canadian Maple and very versatile medium tree. ‘Brandywine’ Red Maple. Beautiful pyramidal maple with a relatively carefree growth habit, narrower than others, making it an excellent large shade tree for more compact landscapes. 2 1/2" $359.00. It typically grows 40-60’ tall with a rounded to oval crown. Forest tent caterpillars avoid it altogether. This ever-popular maple should be considered as a beautiful shade tree addition to any yard. A tall form with a dense, rounded crown and large, medium green leaves in spring and summer. A variety of habitats from swamps to dry woods, widely ranging over eastern North America. Some cultivars reach heights of 75 feet, but most are a very manageable 35 to 45 ft. tall shade tree that works well in most situations. Mature Red Maple. This beautiful sight can be see at a distance and is one of the earliest signs of spring in many areas of the country. The red maple tree will grow to a size of 40 to 60 ft. October Glory® Red Maple Acer rubrum 'PNI 0268' Sku #0096. Ornamental Features: Most maples are valued for their spectacular fall leaf colors, which range from muted yellow to bright orange and red. Home > Plant Catalog > October Glory® Red Maple. Mature Height/Spread: Maples vary in size from a small Japanese maple (8 feet) to a large sugar maple (100 feet). While it'll take time for it to reach maturity, it won't stay a leafless stick forever! Comments: Red maple is appropriately named, as its flowers, twigs, seeds, and autumn leaves (shown below) are all red. Red – Orange fall color; Smaller maple (20'h x 20'w) 2" $319.00. It is a very popular landscape tree but is considered invasive in some forests, where it crowds out native oaks. The red maple tree will reach a width of 25 to 45 ft. Throughout the year, the delicate leaves change from shades of purple and red, culminating in a superb cherry red in autumn. Although red maple is susceptible to several unsightly leaf diseases, insect defoliation is usually less severe in red maple than in sugar maple. Dark green, heat resistant foliage turns a brilliant red in early autumn. Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) has over 1,000 cultivars. ‘Swamp Maple’ and ‘Soft Maple’ are the other names for this maple species, and it is called Acer rubrum scientifically.

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