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What would you recommend if I have always played DG S300? Great review. No, I haven’t been able to with all the lock downs right now. Titleist T300 Irons Review; Titleist T300 Irons Review. Serious distance. Matt, What the brand says: I picked up a set of the T200 in Dec 2019. Realy apreciate your review. Titleist T200 Irons Verdict I was not surprised to hear that the AP3 has done so well last year and I will not be surprised if T200 surpasses it in the future. My handicap is 22, and as a 71 year old player I have lost some distance. In this comparison, we will be pitting the Titleist T200 Irons against the Taylormade 2019 P790 Irons. In addition to being longer, the T200 is more forgiving than the T100.  I would not rate the T200 as a very forgiving game improvement iron, but it’s easier to hit than the T100.  With an average of 90 grams of tungsten in the heel and toe, the head is stable on mishits, and it’s very good at retaining ball speed on thin shots. Titleist T200 Irons Review Titleist T200 irons look set to become the leading manufacturer’s premium range after being officially launched. Very thin toplines. 3 Colors. Missing the center of the club face by a bit won’t be penalized like it would with the T100 and T200 irons. Was just looking for insight as I’m not sure when things will open up here. I play 710 AP2s off a 7 handicap but after a shoulder injury my golf is probably closer to 10-12 handicap so I could do with more forgiveness. Striking Innovation Titleist T-Series Irons are innovatively designed to set themselves apart from all other irons. I don’t think there’s a true parallel for the T-MB, but I’d probably say the T200 is the closest. sporting goods - by owner. So when you are redesigning and rebranding the most used iron model on the PGA Tour, what are you trying to accomplish? I am trying to decide between Mizuno Hot Metal, Mizuno HMB, and TMp790. I don’t recall the lofts of the M3 offhand, but if the T200 lofts are weaker they could help. Part of the T-Series of irons, the T200 will join the T100 irons and the T300 irons as a trio of options to be introduced later in 2019 once a validation process is completed by … Video . Off handicap alone, I think I would lean toward the T200, but I would recommend trying both and getting fit. The brand's 'most advanced forged irons ever', Callaway's new X Forged driving iron goes up against SIM UDI, Designed for the 'best players in the game', New Metal Injection Molding technology put to the test. High Performance Irons. Message document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a82dceb9271ece5737e176bc53c5b060" );document.getElementById("bc09f2d6ac").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Titleist T200 iron consists of 90g of tungsten on mid to long irons. If you are a player who does not struggle too much with consistent ball-striking, give the Titleist T200 irons a go. If there isn’t much performance difference for you, and you don’t find a major subjective difference (feel, looks), then there’s no reason not to save the money. The Titleist T200 irons fit a clear niche in the new Titleist line up.  Paired with the right shaft, these irons can be as long as almost anything on the market, but they still have a traditional look.  They won’t have enough forgiveness for the higher handicap player, but the mid-handicap player will get everything they need from the T200. The T100 replaces the AP2; the T200 comes in for the AP3 and the T300 replaces the AP1. The problem is ball not easy to stop in the green . Matt I have P790 are they close to T200 in play ability. I am thinking of getting the T100 or T200. I would test the 105 extensively to make sure I liked the lighter feel before making that move. There’s also more tungsten in the T200 to create a more forgiving head. Read our full review of the Titleist T300 irons, read ClubTest 2020 results and see photos to learn all about the clubs. Part of the T-Series of irons that also includes the T100 irons, T200 irons and T300 irons, the new T400 design hits the markets in March 2020. options close. Retail price for the T200 and T100S Black Irons is $200 per club ($1,599 for the eight-club set). Currently playing with 2011 Mizuno JPX 800. One thing that’s worth noting at the beginning is the difference in lofts between the T100 and T200.  Despite being only one step apart in the Titleist line-up, there is a full club’s worth of difference in the lofts.  For example, the T200 5 iron is 24 degrees, the same loft as the 4 iron in the T100 set.  I’m agnostic about the merits of this, but it’s something you need to be aware of if you’re going to test both irons. This is where the T200 should have an edge as they are a bit more classy looking than AP3. Titleist T200 irons are for the golfer who wants distance with a blend of looks, feel, and stopping power. Accurate has been better and hopefully will start to improve now. Overall, the T200 irons have a very modern appearance. This improves the ball speed on shots hit low on the face and should also reduce the spin, as we will see later on GC2. My old cast club shows some wear but never gave it much thought. Matt. If you like the look and feel and have the game for them, they’ll be good for you. Buy Titleist T-Series T200 Irons. Titleist has completely revamped their lines of irons, no more AP1, AP2, and AP3, now we have T100 (and T100S), T200, T300, and T400. A unique polymer core developed in partnership with Titleist golf ball R&D provides precise sound and dampening qualities of these golf clubs. Now Im still in handycap 22, and using Iron Taylormade M3, graphite Flex S . I plan on blogging about my experience over the next couple weeks and will conclude with a full review right here in these pages. The square shape to the irons is pleasing at address and promotes confidence during the swing. Max Impact technology in T200 irons means you get maximum speed from nearly any impact point on the face. I think you should be fine if you use the T100S, barring something unusual in how the launch and spin of each fit you. The T100 replaces the AP2; the T200 comes in for the AP3 and the T300 replaces the AP1. Their position was each iron was designed to achieve a specific trajectory. Video . I’m very interested in the T200. However in this category irons are not really about distance, but more about accuracy and consistency. Respectfully, I think that assigning handicap ranges to clubs is overly simplistic and not very helpful. The shorter irons may sound a little more muted than the equivalent in the T100 or 620 Forged CB, as you might expect, but they are still pretty good for a cavity back iron. Available Irons: 4-W (48°) But with the T200 Chrome finish looking like is is starting to take a beating. For example; T100 scratch up to 10, T200 11 to 20. That’s over a third of the overall clubhead weight strategically positioned on the heel and toe for outstanding MOI. More from Titleist. A quick overview before we dig in: These are the best mid handicap irons I've tested in 2020. You can pick up a good condition set of Titleist 714 or 716 CB irons for about $400, which is a 1/3 of the price of the T series irons. It was a hit and their best selling iron and Titleist think the T200 will do the same, if not better, and I would have to agree. Over all Distance has increased anywhere from a half club to a full length. Cheers Mike. That’s over a third of the overall clubhead weight strategically positioned on the heel and toe for outstanding MOI. Your email address will not be published. orlando sporting goods - by owner "titleist" - craigslist. I have a set of T-MB irons 716 The core of the club is made of polymer adds precise sound for golfers to know how well they hit the ball. The T200 irons were designed to increase distance without sacrificing the look, trajectory, or stopping power generated by many players irons. 4 Colors. or T100? 0 hidden. Forged L-Face for Incredible Feel The T200 forged face wraps around the sole to increase ball speed on the lower portion of the … ... FIRST LOOK: Titleist T200 and T300 irons … They finally turned up late June. I tried the AP3s before but didn’t like the feel after being used to the forged AP2s. I didn’t like the 790’s as much as I thought. Or do I stay put with Tour? How would the T200s compare to my Mizuno MX-200s? Before the T100, the Titleist AP2 had been the most played iron model on the PGA Tour for the better part of a decade. Really liked the maverick pro. The set wedge and additional Gap wedge now have the lofts stamped on them, which I think is a great idea and one that I hope will catch on throughout the set with all manufacturers. orlando > > sporting goods - by owner > post; account; 0 favorites. I’m a 4 index. For example, even of lofts are gapped from T100S 7 iron to T200 6 iron, will I hav e too big a distance gap? Thanks. I have plan change to T200, do you think can solve the problem ? This week Andy (aka The Average Golfer) has been taking a look at the new game-improvement irons for 2020 from Titleist - the Titleist T400 irons. Was hoping that the T-200 would offer me more forgiveness and hope the adjustment of lie and length will not affect the carry distance as much. The T200 would be closest to the AP3. What is the difference between the AP3 and the T200? Originally interested in Titleist AP1s but have not seen the review on the latest version of this iron. All the new T irons are great, but the differences are not worth 2 strokes compared to the 718s. While talking with the head pro and fitter, they said the T100 series is by far the best selling iron they’ve sold of the three. Hello Matt. Thanks. After retiring from football I’ve been getting back into golf seriously. And ultimately, all that matters is how it performs for you, not what it does for me. These types of faces are relatively new to better player irons and the T200 irons have done a good job of blending distance tech into a compact head. All Rights Reserved.. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway Wood Review, Podcast Episode 111 – Noelle Zavaleta on Social Media, PR, and More. Before the T100, the Titleist AP2 had been the most played iron model on the PGA Tour for the better part of a decade. The modifications in T100 seem to be true to this emphasis on helping skilled p… What matters more to me is the look at address.  Above, you can see the entire T Series, T100, T200, and T300 from left to right.  The T200 has noticeably more offset than the T100 (full review HERE), but stays within the bounds of a game improvement iron.  Offset is far and away the biggest difference between the T100 and T200.  Yes, the top line is also slightly thicker and the blade is slightly longer, but those differences are very small.  Overall, the T200 is a very good looking GI iron at address. I was looking at going Titleist but got talked into Ping G410 by pro at local club. These stronger-lofted irons are quite similar to the Titleist 718 AP1s and will appeal to many mid-high handicappers. This is nearly 50% more than the 66g average found in AP3 and shows how much weight has been saved in the rest of the head to accommodate the extra tungsten. The AP3 was the iron that Titleist had been waiting for as their AP2s headed to the tour and the AP1s got longer, so they needed something in the middle for single figure players.

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