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The name seems simple enough, you wash and you go. Hairstyles / By Lisa. Steps to Achieving the Bomb 4c Wash n’ Go with a Textured Twist 1st dampen your hair with water, and then saturate it with Cantu Coil Calm Detangler . This is not a sponsored post. Let’s grow our hair and lives, The Natural Way. Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). A wash n go gives the idea of literally washing your hair and going about your day, allowing your hair to air dry. Choosing products that complement each other will ensure the products work well together and not clash.Uniqurl Tip: Take a small amount of your leave in and gel and mix them together. Work in small sections when applying products, this ensures your strands are evenly getting the right amount of product which will get distributed evenly. Do not get your hair wet. Choose The Right Products: As with everything in natural hair care choosing the right products is necessary to achieving the best results. The Perfect Wash and Go Steps that Lasts for Days Step 1 – Cleanse and Detangle Some love it, others hate it, and still others find it to be the bane of a natural’s existence. Otherwise, your hair will just be wet and puffy. Wash and go’s have been my go-to style since returning natural. (I use Terressentials, have been for months now exclusively, I love it) I usually gently section my hair under the shower. Here it goes: 1. There are no rules that say you have to have curls, coils or kinks to have a wash n go. Copyright © 2020 Uniqurl • Shopify Theme by Underground • Powered by Shopify. Uniqurl was started out of a self-less love and a desire to genuinely help others.  Our formulas are clean and free of harmful ingredients. Deep conditioning with a silicone free conditioner is also important as you want to make sure your strands are hydrated and full of moisture. I'm about that wash and go life, and at this stage in the game I've pretty much perfected my wash and go. Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler 8 oz, Jojoba Oil Golden Organic 100% Pure By Dr.Adorable 4 Oz.  Â, As natural hair tends to be drier, you may have to refresh your curls throughout the week (nothing a little water won't fix).Â, 25 Up and Coming Natural Hair Influencers You Should Follow, How To Painlessly Detangle And Avoid Breakage, Hair Care At Home Series: Avoiding Tangles On Wash Day, The After Care: The Do's and Don'ts When Creating A Simple Regime, How To Care For Your Natural Curls In Between Protective Styles, The Protective Style Series: From Start To Finish and Everything In Between, The REAL Reason Why Your Curls Aren't Growing, The Moisture Sealer: 4 Ways To Use Our Aloe & Almond Hair Oil, The Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Natural Hair, Issa Cookout: Favourite Summer Styles To Rock This 4th July, Hot Oil Treatments Are A Girls Best Friend, Moisture VS Protein: How To Know Which One You Need, Summer Wash Day Essentials: The Uniqurl Edition, 4 Amazing Benefits of Using A Leave-In Conditioner. However there are some basic key steps that should be taken no matter the texture or porosity of your hair to ensure that you achieve the best wash and go possible. The steam from the shower open up your hair cuticles and add moisture. Start with shampooed and deep conditioned hair. And if so, what are some of your tips? Part hair how you plan to wear your hair for the week. In the morning all you have to do is takedown, fluff and go. It involves washing your hair and defining your natural curl pattern. If the mix is lumpy or seperated, then the two products together are a no no (better to find out the results now then in the morning when you hair is done. Start By Cleansing The Hair. Many naturals do this step in the shower as the water is running, if not then with a spray bottle near by. Wash N' Go is a program that cleans your system from your surfing traces. It can actually take many attempts to create the perfect wash n go, so research and trial as many methods as you can to find out which one works for you. This cream-gel primer for the hair allows curls to be tangle free, defined and prepped. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. Shayla Robinson is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Wash N’ Go styles can sometimes be an ultimate challenge for us curly girls. I had it pretty much down before coloring my hair, but once I took the color plunge in October 2014, I had to learn my curls all over again. Luckily there are some things that you can do during the styling process that will reduce the chances of this happening. And use protein if it’s time so those curls would pop. For a deep conditioning and rapid restoration, use a steamer for 10 minutes to help the nourishing ingredients penetrate your hair. Full, bouncy curls are all yours with this wash-n-go featuring Texture ID! This last step has helped tremendously with moisture. Part hair how you plan to wear your hair for the week. Depending on your hair type and curl pattern a wash and go can be a quick 5 to 10-minute process or it can take upwards of … However, I had no clue how many steps it took to achieve one. Once they're aligned, put your car in neutral and remove your foot from the brake. Also, it wipes out other sensitive data such as passwords or credit card data. How to Maintain A Wash-n-go: You need to know that you may or may not look crazy in the morning if you don’t maintain your wash-n-go.

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